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Queens Blvd. at 80th Road
Union Tpke; East - Kew Gardens
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
A pedestrian was killed crossing hereA snowy Queens Boulevard stretches out eastward from 80th Road and Union Tpke for its last run through Kew Gardens and Briarwood into Jamaica. East of 80th Road it is a mere 6 lane dual carriageway, seemingly no different than hundreds of likewise secondary routes, but alas, none of them are Queens Boulevard, forever and always, in all sections and widths, the one and only Boulevard of Death.
On this late February 2001 afternoon, the cops were out in force over here just as they were all along the notorious highway. Though the subway station below is named for both Union Turnpike and Kew Gardens, this is not really the center of Kew Gardens, but its northwestern extremity. The true heart of old Kew Gardens is further southeast along Lefferts Blvd by Austin Street and Metropolitan Avenue. Forest Hills begins just west of Union Tpke and Briarwood takes over to the northeast only a couple of blocks away.
east bus
 Before it expires, however, Kew Gardens does get to claim the Queens Borough Hall, one of its main courthouses and the Queens House of Detention as honored residents. All three reside in order on the left. The Q10 Green Line bus is stopped on the right. It is going to make the next right and head back to Lefferts Blvd for another run to JFK Airport. This is where one of them struck and killed Eugene Eisenberg on the night of February 1st, 2001, as it turned from 80th Road.

 That is Borough Hall across the way. The white van belongs to Verizon, the phone company, but still has the old Bell Atlantic markings. Poor Winston Moseley, the butcher of Kitty Genovese back in 1963 Kew Gardens, wouldn't know what either company was; in his last days of freedom, all anyone here knew was New York Telephone. Even NYNEX was still science fiction back then, let alone its two successors. And the answer is NO, Kew Gardens! No, I won't let you forget that over 50 pieces of @#$%&* listened to that woman's shrieks as that piece of walking talking garbage Moseley cut her to pieces, without so much as one single call to the cops, and every single place on my combined sites that this neighborhood is mentioned, so too will that case be brought up.
80th road
 This is the 80th Road bus turnaround. The rounded 1930's era building housing the Nathans Hotdog Stand hosts the main entrance to the Union Tpke subway station. Kew Gardens Road swings up the hill eastward to the right. The Queens House of Detention is the whitish building just visible on the left, a couple of blocks down.

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