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Queens Blvd. at 51st Avenue
South & West - Elmhurst
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
southwest 1
southwest 2
A pedestrian was killed crossing here A look at the ultra extreme angled 51st Avenue intersection from the northside facing southwest. Great Bear is an old name along the boulevard, but it used to be on the northside in a big old garage building. The Pan American following it is the only big hotel on the boulevard. I've always thought its location here was strange, but apparently it does well for itself here, despite not really being too close to anything, including a subway station, the nearest being a few blocks east at Grand Avenue.
The Sage Diner probably shares the wealth generated by the hotel.
A block away is Albion Avenue, where just the day before I wrote this, a jogger got clipped in the head by the rear view mirror of a tour bus. He remains on life support.
Several blocks southwest of here, 51st Avenue runs into Maurice Avenue, which eventually meets up with the Long Island Expressway, at a normal 90 degrees. I finally passed my 4th road test at that location.
 Facing dead west, it's just more of the same; fast food and auto services. Some still breathing dot com advertises on the billboard. As I write on April 2nd, 2001, one would think that the Dow and NASDAQ both went for a walk across Death Boulevard...right here....and no...they did not make it to the other side!

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