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Character Profile:
Series: The Department of World Justice


Upon completion of his police training and hearing of the DWJ, this rich millionaire opted to join for the chance of fame and excitement.

His ability of being able to Disperse (turn gaseous) has been of great benefit to the DWJ as he is able to enter a building un-noticed and silent.

His special firearm is a high powered hand cannon able to kill or render people unconscious with a single shot, but is only used to maim when the situation calls for it.



Vitals and Essential Information:

Kevin "Bishop" Herrington is Thomas Bishop at the Gaming Table.

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Real Name: Thomas Bishop
Alais: Bishop

Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 195 Lbs.
Eyes Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Age: 27

STR: 110 
INT: 100
REF: 100
WIL: 82
CON: 81
MOV: 165
DEX: 100

Powers: Dispersal (5), Darkness (3), Jumping (2).

Advantages: Super Advantage (5) <Athletic Ability>(2), Super Advantage (5)<Toughness>(4), Ambidexterity (2), Eye/Hand Co-ordination (3), Friend (Langolier)(3), Gadget (6).

Disadvantages: Weird Volurnability (Brussel Sprouts)(8), Weird Volurnability (Chocolate)(8), Greed (Money)(3), Allergy (Pet Hair, Fish)(1)(1) .

Level 0 Basic Firearms
Level 0 Basic Heavy Weapons
Level 0 Basic Melee
Level 5 Pistol
Level 4 Shotgun
Level 3 Machinegun
Level 0 Rifle
Level 0 Sniper Rifle
Level 0 Submachinegun
Level 0 Sword
Level 4 Martial Arts      (Multi Attack, Knock Down)
Level 0 Club / Axe / Blackjack
Level 0 Knife
Level 0 Rocket Launcher
Level 0 Crossbow
Level 0 Russian
Level 0 German
Level 0 Japanese
Level 0 French
Level 0 Kama Sutrian
Level 0 Chinese
Level 0 Spanish
Level 0 Arabic
Level 0 Concealment
Level 0 Demolitions
Level 0 Disguise
Level 0 Interrogation
Level 0 Lockpicking
Level 0 Shadowing
Level 0 Stealth
Level 0 Surveilance
Level 0 Security Systems
Level 0 Cartography
Level 0 Booby Traps
Level 1 Driving Automobile
Level 0 Driving Truck
Level 1 Driving Motorcycle
Level 0 Driving Off Road
Level 0 Driving Boat
Level 0 Driving Snowmobile
Level 0 Piloting 1 engine
Level 0 Pilot Helecopter
Level 0 Pilot Jet
Level 0 Pilot D.W.J. Marauder Bomber
Level 0 Mimicry
Level 0 First Aid
Level 0 Parachuting
Level 0 S.C.U.B.A Diving
Level 0 Swimming
Level 0 Social Chameleon
Level 0 Climbing
Level 0 Musical Instrument (Guitar)
Level 0 Navigation
Level 0 Photography
Level 0 Skiing
Level 0 Radio Operator
Level 0 Bureaucratics
Level 0 Basic Science
Level 0 Biology / Botany / Zoology
Level 0 Medicine
Level 0 Surgeon
Level 0 Basic Liberal Arts
Level 0 History / Political Science
Level 0 Law (European)
Level 0 Lit / Journalism
Level 0 Cooking







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