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1997 - 2001

Downtown Venus

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Modular: Downtown Venus
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Downtown Venus (Janine Lindenmulder)

Downtown Venus was genetically created by the Bio-Engineers of the Nexus corporation in the year 2034, and was immediately put into service as an agent. Downtown Venus  primary background was programmed to be medical, she would be the doctor in the field on the assignments.

Her personality was quite unique, a perfect match for her sexual orientation and her genetic flaw. Genetic flaws occur in every modular created, the science is good, but not absolutely perfect. Downtown's hair is a bright florescent pink, and she is a Lesbian.

Downtown Venus was partnered up with another modular that goes by the name of Carlton Banks, a computer specialist. Their adventures span for 2 years together before the series collapsed. In those glorious two years DV and Carlton were on many fantastic adventures, met many interesting people and been to exotic places.

Downtown was also an avid inventor in this scientific day and age (of the future). She successfully created two items of considerable benefit; the Sticky Boots and the Spray Dye. 

Other inventions that Downtown Venus was contemplating were; The Velocity Impeder (inflatable foam in a trench coat to help survive falls), the Slippery Boot (allow movement like roller blades), the Skin Dye (for changing the color of the skin), the Modular Cat, and 
The Will Pill (to boost the Willpower in case of interrogation or temptation).

Male's Combat Sticky Boot

Woman's Combat Sticky Boot

The sticky boot was a normal hiking or combat type boot that when activated produced a sticky substance that is able to cling to any surface. This especially was useful when escaping or pursuing elusive targets.

Downtown's next research project was going to be the Sticky Glove which worked on the same principles as the Sticky Boot.

Spray Dye is a spray on hair color dye. Since Downtown Venus has florescent pink hair, most of her missions involved using a wig or professionally changing her hair color, but even when she didn't have to, usually it would have helped out much when evading the authorities not to have a radically distinct hair color.

Blonde Spray Dye

Brunette Spray Dye

Red Spray Dye

Raven Spray Dye


Downtown's lust in her lesbianism has put many missions in jeopardy and as if cursed, all of her romances has failed, or they unfortunately died. It of course did not help that some of them were enemy agents that caught the eye of Operative 17, but DV loved a challenge and it usually broke her heart to be the one that has to kill them.

The last of the "whirlwind" romances that Downtown engaged in was with Veronica Wright, an airline stewardess. The two were a delightful pair as they traveled all over the world, DV usually on assignment without Veronica knowing. The romance was shattered during the "Four Horsemen" mission where Veronica's life was almost ended and nothing that DV could do could save her. Being put into that situation, DV decided to end the relationship to keep Veronica safe. A decision which still pains her to this day, and will effect other relationships from here on in.

Veronica Wright
(Anna Nicole Smith)

In her offtime, DV took up two things as a hobby to help her relax and take her mind off her work; Auto mechanics and Jai Alai. Downtown has restored and rebuilt many fine cars after her assignments, sometimes risking serious physical injury to acquire (steal) a vehicle that she wanted to restore. 

She has built a small mechanics shop in her garage and can usually be found there tinkering with her cars. Her latest passion was helicopters and she was able to secure a vintage "Huey" style gunship while on a mission in South America.


A 1930's replica Dusenburg was Downtown's first automotive project. She built the kit car in about a month (Modulars don't require too much sleep). 


In a mission in Central America, DV acquired an authentic WWII military jeep. Almost 100 years after WWII took place, this jeep still had the guts to help Downtown and Carlton escape from the military.

In another assignment to South America, the General in the area was driving a vintage Lamborghini Countach. Carlton stole the vehicle for Downtown and shipped it to her in the states.

In her last assignment to South America (Downtown has been doing alot of missions there). She stole a military helicopter from an air force base to use on her mission. After a ferocious helicopter chase, she continued to fly the helicopter back home where she continues to work on it to restore it to it's previous glory.

Jai-Alai: For whatever reason Downtown Venus began to enjoy playing this sport after her assignments. Perhaps it was to release some of the stress that she had after the mission, perhaps it was because she was spending so much time in Central and South America that she decided to take up a sport from their culture.


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