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April 12, 2003

Doing some work on the webpages here. Planning on coming up with a new design for the frontpage (Version 4 of the Realms Title page). Planning on updating the character bios, NPC's bios, pictures, ect...

Been working on the Poser Project. I have aquired Poser v4.0 and spent some time getting free downloads from out there in the net. I'm planning on making special "snapshots" of the heroes here to use in backgrounds, mission descriptions, ect. I'm also changing my web page's resolution to 1024 x 768, so those who cannot see my page correctly will have to break down and upgrade your computer monitor (Get a flat panel or 19" already!!)

I'm also planning on sprucing up the web page with some new things, maybe a voting booth, some snappy graphics, new art. I'll be needing a new counter, I was just informed that the current counter I use (Stats4all) is quitting it's service, too bad, it was really handy. More for me to do.

The games are going good, albeit slow. So much to do here, but the games shall continue. I'm heavily involved in running my own Ultima Online shard as well, and we just got it up and running on a dedicated server for my players to connect to 24/7, and I'd like to create a page for it too. Perhaps this weekend. 




February 03, 2003

Wow! Have I been busy or what?? I have to keep this web page in mind when I'm scheduling my work. Nothing updated since October 2001??? Somebody slap me if a month goes by and I haven't done anything! I apologize to all my visitors who came by and had nothing new to look at. Well I will try to keep on top of things from now on. 

I've been away because I started my own computer company business. And it's now 2 years old and starting to take care of itself. Which is good. Now being Canadian, our prices on computer and computer components are pretty cheap, so if you would like to see what pricing I can do for you, just send me a e-mail and I'll reply back to you ASAP.

Well I do have a lot of news. Mission Permission is getting some positive feedback! Already I have Playboy Playmate Echo Johnson's a-ok to use her for Zanthia of the DWJ. And just lately I received an E-mail from Julia Garvey and she's throwing her support behind the image of the Demoness, bad girl extraordinaire also of the DWJ. I'll be making some new exposÚs in the DWJ section for these two great people who have made me very happy with their support.


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