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Kevin "Bishop" Herrington: I met Bishop back in high school after David Nault introduced us, and Bishop told me that him and all his friends would be interested in playing this new role-playing game called Top Secret SI. That was when he introduced me to James, Chris and Marc. From then on it was pretty much the fastest 10 years of our lives that went so fast and far in our lives as we gamed like there was no tomorrow. Bishop's nickname came about from me actually. His first character was called Bishop, and since I just met him, I couldn't remember his real name. So whenever I seen him around school, I would just call him Bishop. Eventually the name stuck and he's been with it ever since, using it for many of his characters.

Bishops' big strength in the game is his ability to view encounters with a top down tactician style of view. He can visualize the area and deploy himself and others for maximum effect. Another is his loyalty to members in the game, whether other players or NPCs, he treats them all the same and backs them up to the fullest ability of his character.

A listing of current characters:    Thomas Bishop (Farfetched)



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