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1999 - 2001


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(Andrea Parker from NBC's The Pretender)

Fatale is another modular, but not from the Nexus Corporation. She was created at the bio-tech engineering laboratories of Dimensia. Dimensia is the rival organization to Nexus and their agents don't play by the same rules. Fatale is one such agent who does not follow a rulebook on her assignments.

Fatale is a Security Specialist modular which is a step above a Combat specialist. Her main assignments to date have been in assassination and destruction of other governments facilities and personnel.

Fatale, like Downtown Venus, has a very unique engineering flaw. Upon her creation, one of her eyes is Blue and the other one is purple. Whereas Nexus views these flaws as being part of the natural creation process, Dimensia had the Engineer killed for screwing up.

Such is the life in Dimensia. 

Fatale's series of Modular really didn't last all that long. Only surviving through 3 missions, the last one still not completed. Fatale was created in the burnout of the administrators of modular to try something new, and playing the evil organization that Nexus fights was an interesting attempt at a solution. 

Fatale was to be the New Sarano, just not as psychotic and crazy, more professional and discreet. The new line of Dimensian Security operatives that wouldn't lose their marbles in the field, or get insane with petty revenge.

Fatale trademark was to wear the Chinese characters for life and death as earrings. She was beginning to enjoy the Asian culture as her field of study. 

An interesting character for when you just want to blow the hell out of something, not a mystery solver. Fatale was just created too late in the modular series to have a chance at becoming good.



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1999 - 2001



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