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Many of my ideas come from my imagination, or from my friends as suggestions for the games that I run. But the human mind can only go so far. Whenever I see a movie, something on TV, read something in the paper or in a comic book, or a cartoon, it sparks something and I design it into my games. Some ideas are rightfully others, images belong in this category, and I have some that definitely belong to others.

Now I don't mean to pirate and steal these brilliant ideas from those people. It's just that I've been so inspired by these creations that I had to have them in my stories. That is what brings us here. :)

I wish to give proper credit to the characters, images and people who have helped guide my imagination, shape my stories, and bring enjoyment to those around the Round Table.

And as always, if you are the legal owner of the images on this site, and you have not given permission and wish these images removed, I will do so with only an E-mail. But if you support my recreational activity and allow me to use these images, I thank you. :)

Valkyrja Klydesdale

Let us begin.


The Department of World Justice

Snake Eyes From the Marvel comic GI Joe. Marc liked the character so much that he created his character based on the character in the book. Even during the game, he'll make secret telephone calls back to the main base to get info, equipment, ect... GI Joe has been a favorite comic to me as well throughout the years, and is a constant game element, even cameo appearances in the game.
Trin Trin is entirely my creation, but the image I used I found while scouring the net for gargoyle pictures. I loved Disney's Gargoyles cartoon when it was on, and I based Trin and the other Gargoyles on that. As it says in the main page for NPC characters for Trin, if you are the original artist for the pic, please get into contact with me.
Zanthia As with Trin, the entire concept for Zanthia is my own, but the image I use for the character is Playboy model Echo Johnson (as well as Goddess, as they are twins). Image provided by Echo Johnson herself! :) (
The Searcher The Searcher is a name of a character that appeared on a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) show called Danger Theater, they did a couple of spoofs of movies, my favorite being the silence of the lambs. That is where the name comes from. The Image I use for the character is an attractive page three girl from the Edmonton Sun.
The Langolier People must surely remember the TV movie by Stephen King, well when I heard the name, I was making a deadly bad guy that this name fit so well.
Domino I got this character idea from my friend Para. She had made a character for role playing many years ago and based it from Marvel's Domino. I took this idea and incorporated it into my game for her.
Hericane The image and name for this one I got from a Penthouse comics character of a tough as nails, take no scruff super woman who is dangerous as she is beautiful.
The Cat Many years ago I collected an independent comic book called The Cat. A vigilante woman who fights crime in her off time while she goes to school.
Springheel Jack Based from the folklore / superstition.
Captain Freedom I got the name from the AC comics characters of genetically cloned super heroes.
The Orkin Man I seen a commercial on TV that got me going on this character. It was for an insect control company, and in this commercial, the Orkin Man was a morphing mech, blasting the little critters. Had to have a superhero modeled after him.
The Demoness Many years ago, before I was on the internet. I befriended a girl on a BBS called Demoness. She was so inspirational that I created this character in the game in her honor. If you're reading this Shannon, Thanks! And the graphical representation of the Demoness is Penthouse's Julia Garvey.
Magnesium Character idea is my own, the image that I use for her likeness is the fitness model Cori Nadine (Image generously provided to us by
Averil Cavilier Original Idea. I use Playboy's Danielle Folta as the graphical representation




Miss Victory Based on the character and image from AC Comic's Miss Victory. I collected this comic because of the awesome art and stories. It really helped to expand my imagination and I hope to finish my collection someday.
Doctor Monocian Ed O' Neill played a bad guy (Good guy??) in a TV movie called W.E.I.R.D. World. He was bald, wore black, and was ruthless. This gave me a great start into making a bad guy scientist / geneticist.
Anthony Pierce The image I use for Anthony Pierce is the new James Bond, Pierce Brosnan. So far he's the greatest James Bond in my opinion since Roger Moore.
Auburn Crucifixion Character is completely mine, but modeled after the image of supermodel Angie Everhart.




Star Trek


I have numerous CD's of many Star Trek soundtracks. The Soundtrack for First Contact is the one that I used for my 2nd mini-series for the DWJ.
Mike Oldfield His Tubular Bells CD's are a great source for me to use for my role playing ideas.
Jean Michelle Jarre Another artist that makes synthesized music, fantastic for letting your imagination wander.
Other Soundtracks I listen to a lot of soundtracks for ideas and inspiration for my games, here's to name a few: Star Wars Trilogy, Broken Arrow, Silence of the Lambs, Mortal Kombat, Last of the Mohicans, Dragon (the Bruce Lee story), James Bond (25th anniversary edition), Star Gate, (The Good, the bad and the ugly), Quigley down under, Indiana Jones Trilogy (Raiders of the lost ark, the temple of doom and the last crusade).




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