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Security Classification: GGG



In all the world, only one organization - The Orion Foundation - stands between the Web and it's ultimate goal of world subjugation. This agency, comprised of courageous and dedicated professionals, struggles to thwart the schemes and machinations of the Web.

The operatives of this organization, few in number, have learned of the existence and nature of the Web, and dedicated their lives to combating it. They are a diverse and multitalented group of agents, hailing from nearly every nation of the world.



During the dark years of the depression, the activities of the Web flourished as never before. Increased activity led to greater risk of exposure and a few people stumbled upon the dark and secret organization. Many of them tried to notify authorities, but connections between the Web and it's evil works were always far too tenuous to interest those in positions of power and influence.

Most of those who stumbled unwittingly upon the Web died, hunted down by the most skilled and implacable assassins on earth. A few, however, survived and banded together. Their bond was knowledge of, and hatred for, the Web.

Some of these founders were wealthy, and though they were few in number, they had many resources. They pooled their funds, lands, and possessions into a foundation, dedicated not to making a profit, but to hunting down and wiping out the agents of the Web wherever they could be found. From this task - the hunt - the members drew their name, the name of a hunter.


Since that time, the Orion Foundation has opened offices in all the great commerce centers of the world - New York, London, Copenhagen, Leningrad, Istanbul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many more.

The mission of the Foundation and it's agents is to uncover the activities and operatives of the Web, to discredit and/or neutralize them, and to prevent the foe's plans from coming to fruition.



The Orion Foundation is organized into 12 sections, each named for a sign of the Zodiac and responsible for a specified geographical area. Each of the sections has a foundation office, run by a Section Director, or "SD". The 12 SDs meet once a year in a council called, simply, the Zodiac. Special meetings of the Zodiac may be called to deal with emergencies.

Foundation operations are controlled from an office known as Orion Central. This office rotates every five years from the central office of one section to the next.

The Foundation is financed through a series of trust funds established during the agency's first years, and from bounty captured from Web coffers during successful anti-Web operations. In addition, the Foundation receives donations from several international corporations, many of which are indirectly controlled by the Zodiac or it's individual members.

Mentex Technologies, based in San Francisco, and Geotech Corporation, in New York City, are the two most dynamic of these subsidiary corporations. Mentex specializes in computer and robotic technologies, while Geotech develops advanced techniques and equipment for geological research, mining, petroleum drilling, meteorology, and oceanography. 

Centauri Shipping, London and Athens, controls a fleet of transport aircraft and merchant vessels. Some of these are extremely fast, and give the agency a means of private, rapid transport to any part of the world. 

Two special branches exist within the Orion Foundation itself, and are not tied to any of the individual sections. These can be summoned upon need by any member of the Zodiac, and are commonly used to help agents prepare for or complete an operation.

The Titan Team maintains forces in New York, Berlin, and Hong Kong. Each force numbers about three dozen agents trained in commando and anti-terrorist operations. Agents who need firepower for backup or support can call upon a Titan Team.

Field agents are often assigned to train and work with a Titan Team. This involves specialized combat and survival training in a variety of settings. The length of an agent's stint with a Titan Team varies from a single operation to a year.

The Ganymede Bureau is the branch of the Orion Foundation devoted to the development of special devices, unique vehicles, and innovative use of technologies.

The G1 group handles all administrative and financial needs for the Ganymede Bureau; G2 handles new technologies development and basic research; G3 is in charge of development and construction; and G4, the group field agents deal with most frequently, is in charge of distribution and training.

Top scientists and engineers from Mentex and Geotech corporations serve stints in the Ganymede Bureau. The Bureau maintains a steady rotation of personnel, ever seeking new and unique ideas.



The following classifications are used to define the security level of foundation documents and operations.

ALPHA CLASS: All indicated information should be publicized by any means possible. News conferences, discreet security leaks, press releases, and interviews should be aggressively pursued in order to gain maximum media coverage. 

BETA CLASS: The information is restricted to agents and employees of the Foundation, and their contacts who may find the information of immediate use. The information should be kept out of public hands if possible.

GAMMA CLASS: The information is secret, and will only be furnished on a need-to-know basis. Accidental leaks of Gamma class material will result in an agent's suspension from operations; those individuals unwittingly exposed to the information should be apprehended and held incommunicado until the information is no longer relevant. 

OMEGA CLASS: This is top secret information, of the highest security classification. Leakage of Omega class information is cause for immediate liquidation. Persons unwittingly exposed to Omega class material must be silenced for the duration of the material's usability' exact means are left to the agent on the scene.



The following characteristics are shared worldwide by agents of the Orion Foundation.

A. Recognition sign.

Orion Foundation agents and operatives can indicate their connection by use of a secret recognition sign. This involves the index finger and thumb connecting in the universal "A-OK" sign, but the junction of the two digits must touch the agent's head - i.e.., appear to scratch the ear or nose, etc.

B. Code of Conduct.

The following tenets should guide the actions of Orion Foundation operatives in the field.

1. Never take a human life, unless doing so is absolutely necessary for the advancement of the mission.

2. Do not contact the Foundation, unless failure to do so will result in the failure of the mission.

3. Obey national, provincial/state, and local laws to the extent possible, without compromising the mission. Do not break a law just because it is an inconvenience.

All proposed operations and actions must be carefully weighed against their expected  consequences and against their worst case consequences. The success of the mission must clearly outweigh the expected consequences and must be viewed in proportion to the worst case consequences. For example, an action that has a 75% chance of exposing a Web operation would clearly not be appropriate if the action would result in a nuclear war.

C. Orion Foundation Equipment.

The G4 Bureau provides each agent with two items of special equipment in addition to whatever other equipment may be necessary and available. These devises aid agents in identifying and communicating with one another.

Orioncomm SW1: This device looks like sophisticated wristwatch / calculator. It can perform the normal functions of a watch and a calculator (including reporting the time for any of the world's time zones). 

In addition, the SW1 contains a miniature radio transceiver and battery. The device, when hooked to an electrical outlet or telephone, can send and receive an unlimited number of radio messages to or from anywhere in the world. It has even been used to contact a satellite in low Earth orbit.

The SW1's unlimited range is a result of the Foundation's sophisticated communications satellite network. In order to function at ranges greater then 10 miles, a Foundation satellite must be overhead. There is a 50% chance one will be in proper position at any time. A satellite remains in position for four hours; if one is not overhead when an agent attempts to send a message, one will be in 1 - 4 hours.

NOTE: Power is drained any time an agent attempts to send a message even if no satellite is in position and no message gets through.

Operating off it's internal, rechargeable batteries, the SW1 is capable of operating effectively indefinitely at low power (maximum range - 10 miles), it is capable of receiving up to six messages and sending only three.

An incoming message causes the Orion Device to vibrate slightly against the wearer's wrist. It can be modified so that a beep sounds, or light flashes, but the vibration alert has proven most effective for covert operatives.

The device can also be used to provide a readout of the wearer's longitude and latitude anywhere in the world, as long as the wearer is outdoors.

Orion Identity Card and Case: This looks like a high tech business card case, but it serves many functions. All agents are issued Orion Foundation business cards. Micro thin circuitry inside the card (which changes from mission to mission) identifies the holder of the card as an Orion Foundation agent. Each card is keyed to the fingerprints and skin oil of a particular agent. If unauthorized personnel attempt to use the card, it will automatically register as a fake when inserted in a detection device.

This card must be placed in a security slot before agents are allowed access to any Foundation facilities. In the field, cards can be checked by placing them in the standard issue Orion Foundation card case (called the "Idiot Box" by many agents).

This 2" x 3" x 1/4" metal box has a top opening lid, hinged at the back. On the lid are two L.E.D.s. Electronics on the base of the box read the circuitry in the identity cards. If a forged or stolen card is placed in the box, a single L.E.D. on the top lights up. If the card is genuine, two L.E.D.s light up.

The card case is highly magnetic (keep it away from computer disks and other objects sensitive to magnetism).

The card case has one other characteristic - it's internal circuitry can be used to trigger a small explosive charge in the base. Touching the lid's hinges in a sequence determined by each agent , and closing the lid turns the card case into a magnetized explosive device identical in most respects to a hand grenade.

D: Agent Compensation.

The base pay of an Orion Foundation agent currently stands at $30,000 per year. This applies to employees at all levels of the Foundation, including Directors. However, many agents augment their income through the Foundation Bonus Plan.

The bonus plan allows agents to collect up to 10% of any gains made on a mission as a direct bonus, to be divided among the participating agents in an appropriate fashion. This bonus will not exceed $1,000,000 for a single mission, and is awarded at the Section Director's discretion.

Orion Foundation Agents are provided with transportation, equipment, and weaponry deemed necessary for the completion of the mission. Special equipment modifications, strongholds, and special security provisions must all be paid for by the agent themselves. Agents who wish to go to the expense of developing private offices or strongholds will be allowed to base their operations there.





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