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Modular: Downtown Venus
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Welcome to the jump station to my realms. These are the Games that I Administrate (Game Master) as well as the ones that I play in, even though I mostly GM then play. 

Feel free to venture forth and see what hell I put my players into, what great challenges that they must overcome, and what heroes every one of them has become.


Valkyrja Klydesdale


The Department of World Justice.

This is what TSR's Top Secret calls "Farfetched", but in the year 2000 not the 1930's like TSR intended. It is Superheroes, where the PC's (Player characters) are members of an organization called the Department of World Justice, or DWJ. 

They use their superpowers to fight against and defeat the forces of evil that on the earth, such as the Coven of Evil, The Armageddon, The Kama-Sutra of Dimension 9, The Syndicate of Crime and many independent supervillians that are at large.



It is the year 2037, and it is a technological world. The business corporations have dominated the world and the two major ones battle back and forth for total domination of the world's resources. They are Nexus and Dimensia.

Both Nexus and Dimensia incorporate the use of special agents that are genetically engineered for tasks which ordinary humans cannot fulfill. Called Modulars, these agents are not susceptible to pain, fears, hunger or thirst or drowsiness. They can have limbs entirely replaced if lost and are for the most part undetectable to the outside world as they are biological units that look, talk, smell and react like humans.



Another new series created that allows the PC's to play evil characters. Their goals are unique to each PC, some may want to destroy the earth, some Rule it. Whatever it is, their challenge is to do it before someone else in the game succeeds with their plans.



A new series which follows in the tradition of the Top Secret S/I world. The PCs play characters who belong in a secret spy organization of The Orion Foundation. Their goal is to stop the progression of the Web. Detailed here is the PC's, their enemies and the other NPC's they interact with.


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