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Let me start by first describing the major organizations of the game, the groups of evil that exist in the world, the people (and things) that the DWJ must stop.
(Administrator's Note: If you should happen to belong to any of the groups mentioned here, please do not be offended. This is just Villainous images of my imagination. I would not intentionally insult or make fun of anyone at all. Just take this as what all great stories are made from.)

The Kama-Sutra of Dimension 9


A powerful group of people and creatures from the 9th dimension, they belong to an evil empire called the Kama-Sutra. They gain access to this dimension and earth through a machine called a "Portal Device", which creates a doorway between the two dimensions.

Their activity in this dimension isn't a full scale invasion, but carefully planned infiltration of "Agents" with support soldiers and equipment. There have been many attempts from the Kama-Sutra to alter world governments, destroy economies and sway public order.

Most of their activities however seem to be focused on the angle of "experimentation". Whenever the Kama-Sutra creates something new, they test it on earth and the DWJ. Not too much is known about this empire, even though the DWJ have Trin (from the Gargoyle race) and Zanthia (a Guardian), a lot of their structure is still unknown. It is known that the leader of this empire is named "The Great Nemesis".

The tactics of the Kama Sutra vary from encounter to encounter. Possessing great numbers and high technology, the DWJ are never really sure how to approach a certain situation. But in the end, the DWJ find the appropriate means to deal with them. 


The Coven of Evil


Picture Temporarily Unavailable








A fanatical world order of witches, their goal is unknown by the DWJ, even though they suspect it is the destruction of other world religions and the appointment of Satanism as the new single world religion.

The Coven use the tactics of espionage and infiltration to accomplish their goals. There are many identifying qualities of a coven member:

1. They all have a tattoo of their rank on the back of their member's necks. 
2. They usually wear red when fulfilling an order of the Coven. 
3. They all are Female.
The DWJ have run into the Coven many times, and have encountered many different rankings of Witches. None more fierce then the Silk Spectres and their leader, The Demoness. The Coven is well supplied, have many connections, and have a great number of followers. This dangerous combination makes the Coven a deadly enemy to the eyes of the DWJ.

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The Soldiers of the Armageddon


Picture Temporarily Unavailable

Much is not truly known about this organization, or their operatives. 

They are robotic machines similar to those in the movie "The Terminator". So far they have just been doing various activities in the world to advance themselves, even creating a portal to another dimension to retrieve another of their kind.

The makes of the Armageddon are rated in "Phases", so far the newest of the machines that the DWJ have encountered are the "Phase 3" (Valkyries), and the upgraded "Phase 2" (Powermen).

As time goes on, perhaps more will be known about these Soldiers of the Armageddon.


The Syndicate of Crime


A world wide organization that seeks to unite Crime. The Syndicate include members of the Mob, Yakusa, Triad, Mafia, ect. Their goals are to control all criminal activities on the face of the earth and beyond.


The Circle of Power


A new threat that has arrived to the Earth, The Circle of Power. These people (and Creatures), claim to be from the future and from another Dimension (Dimension 2). They have already had many encounters with the DWJ and are here to stop the future invasion of their dimension by the Kama - Sutra. Their powers almost match those of the DWJ and are their most powerful adversaries.


The Assassin's Guild


A group of professional assassins and hitmen, they offer their services for hire to anyone who can pay the price. They not only kill, but they can also be hired to steal, industrial espionage, destruction, sabotage, and any other type of freelance work.

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The Crusader


File Photo Not Available

Another mysterious individual is The Crusader, he wears a body armor and mask (and cape) when he's on assignment. 

Mostly a gun for hire, he gets hired by the other villain organizations to help them in their goals for a job, or to retrieve something. He has the power of Teleportation, and can just show up at a location by thought.

It has been determined by the DWJ some time ago, that the Crusader and the Outlaw have some kind of history together, and that they have the same powers, and the same passion to "do the other in". He has worked for the Coven, the Syndicate and the Assassin's guild (he even was trying to get membership), but eventually founded his own group called Murder Incorporated. 


The Demoness


Picture Temporarily Unavailable




Cited by the DWJ as the most dangerous villain alive, this member of the coven is the leader of the Silk Spectres, the elite of the witches. 

She was an ordinary witch at one time, an assistant to the Vicar at a ritual in France. Magnus and The Outlaw stormed the ritual and a portal to Dimension 9 opened up and took the assistant and the Vicar. The Vicar was tested on and eventually died, and the other woman became the Demoness. 

With this transformation she became an Agent of the Kama Sutra and sent back to earth to resume her place with the Coven. Her abilities are that she can fly, and can shoot out powerful orbs of magic at her targets. She dresses up in a purple cloak and face mask.

When she encounters the DWJ, she prefers diplomacy, approaching them and talking face to face with no fear or attack. But when she is angered, she is a very determined individual that will not stop until she achieves what she is after.



Picture Temporarily Unavailable


A martial artist from China, Yin has run into the DWJ on numerous occasions. She works for the powerful Assassin's Guild and has the same abilities as Shadow (Invisibility and Jumping).

She wears her long hair in a single ponytail, and wears a mask which covers the lower part of her face. She uses a throwing star as her calling card with the symbol of the Yin/Yang on it.

She favors old ninja tricks such as blinding powder and poisons then to rely on gadgets. Her main weapon is the short Katana and other traditional ninja weapons.


The Magnus Clone




Back in mission #20 Magnus was captured and a sample of his tissue was taken by the forces of the Kama-Sutra. They were able to replicate and clone their very own Magnus.

 The Kama-Sutra unleashed the Clone upon the earth under the command of Kal Torak, the Gargoyle, and it took an epic battle with the real Magnus to kill the Clone, a fight where Magnus almost died himself. 

The DWJ search whenever possible to find the cloning technology and destroy it so that no more clones of Magnus can be created, but so far, the DWJ have not been successful.

Kal Torak


File Photo Not Available

Shar of the Gargoyles of Dimension 9, Kal Torak is the sworn enemy not only to the DWJ but to Shadow and Trin. It was Kal Torak who removed Trin's wings as punishment and banished from her homeland of the Gargoyle Mountains as a disgrace to her heritage.

Kal Torak fought for her position of Shar and quickly allied the Gargoyles with the forces of the Kama-Sutra soon afterwards. It has been speculated that she received help from the Great Nemesis to put her in power.

She uses a Guardian's Sword as a weapon, which leads to more speculation of the KS's involvement with her. She is also an agent of the Kama-Sutra and when the KS opened a portal to the earth. She was stranded behind when the DWJ destroyed the portal, and she tricked them into letting her "join" until another portal could be opened. Since then, she has had many run ins with the DWJ on many assignments to destroy them, or to test some new weapon on the earth.

Kal Torak, simply put, is very abrasive, she always gets under the skin of Shadow and Trin whenever possible and belittles them.

The last appearance of Kal Torak was mission #82 where she and a band of Gargoyles infiltrated and took over the US's "weather satellite", and in due course, the Circle of Power created a massive beam weapon from the SETI project and destroyed the space station with Kal Torak still inside. The DWJ and the Vanguard narrowly escaped the weather satellite and it seems impossible that Kal Torak escaped alive. Although no body was recovered, her arm was found floating in the water in Madagascar (which spawned the mission #88).

Kal Torak's apprentice was another Gargoyle named Obsidian, and she now has the task of officiating the ceremony for the new Shar of Gargoyle Mountain.



File Photo Not Available

Not too much is known about this gargoyle except that she was the apprentice / assistant to the late Kal Torak in Abadan.

She spoke to the DWJ (mostly Shadow) freely and seems to be quite diplomatic. She has brownish skin and whitish long hair. 



File Photo Not Available

Saphiire claims to be an agent of the Kama-Sutra of the future who has come to the present to hunt down and destroy the members of the Circle of Power.

She has red skin and massive horns on her head, but overall a quite attractive woman. She sports an armband computer very similar to the Zein and has surrendered herself to the authorities upon arrival here, something very uncharacteristic of an Agent of the Kama-Sutra. 

Doctor Sinister


File Photo Not Available

Doctor Sinister has been around for a while and has encountered the DWJ on many occasions. Even though his plans to "rule the world" are thwarted in the worst way by the DWJ, he is persistent and keeps on trying.

His plans are that of any mad scientist, and his gadgets, even though foolish and stupid, usually do the trick of catching the DWJ off guard and the DWJ have to contend with what happened to them first before catching up to Sinister and taking him away to jail. 

Like any mad scientist, Doctor Sinister has an array of sidekicks; Bunny and Bruno. Bunny is a sweet girl, a blonde woman in her early 20's who is from the valley and is about as bright as a 2 watt light bulb. Many times the DWJ have captured the good Doctor by simply following or talking to Bunny. Even though Bunny could be arrested many times for aiding and abetting a criminal act, the DWJ don't bother anymore since they know that her father is rich and usually gets her out of any trouble she gets into.

Bruno is the muscle. A very large man who has had his nose broken too many times to count, he is loyally at the side of Doctor Sinister. A mean fighter who seems to ignore pain, he has given the members of the DWJ their fair share of lumps.

Cobra (The SwordMaster)


File Photo Not Available

Cobra is the loyal soldier and captain of the Crimson Jihad of General Sakeem's forces in Abadan.

He is a massive individual who is a master of the Scimitar and Arabian sword fighting. He is bald, sports a large mustache and usually doesn't wear a shirt, to display a great tattoo on his chest of a Cobra which coils down  his sword arm.

He has encountered the DWJ many times with his army of Crimson Jihad and now resides in the Super Villain prison in Texas after being captured by Magnesium on mission #88. 



File Photo Not Available

Not much is known about viper, but that she is the assistant to Cobra.

She wears a costume similar to that of a harem girl with a veil to protect her identity. She is very knowledgeable in swords and knives and can turn invisible, choosing to stealthily assault her targets.

While Cobra is incarcerated, Viper is in charge of the Crimson Jihad, and although unusual for a woman to take such a role in the middle east, Abadan is a new Arab nation, set on breaking the old stagnant traditions and becoming a superpower.



File Photo Not Available

During an encounter with Mantissa and the DWJ's portal, Zanthia's evil side was duplicated and created into a twin of her.

After being incarcerated in the DWJ's Super Villain prison in Texas, Zanthia's twin decided to take on the name of Goddess to differentiate herself from Zanthia. Goddess is identical to Zanthia in every way except for her eyes, where Zanthia's glow white for purity of a psionic that she is, Goddess glows black, the opposite.

After her release from prison, Goddess virtually disappeared for a time, but was found to be on Snake Eye's houseboat in Australia. No-one knows why Goddess chose to be there, possible because being an identical copy of Zanthia, Goddess has the same feelings for Snake eyes that her sister does. The DWJ are glad just to know where she is at this time.

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