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After the Department of World Justice was disbanded in America by the Whitehouse and the Senate, a new team was put into action as their replacements. This Superhero team was brought forth from the N.A.F.T.A. Agreement of countries (The United States, Canada and Mexico) which is also their jurisdiction. The Vanguard has worked with the DWJ on numerous occasions and both teams do tolerate each other. 

As has been seen, the DWJ favor a stealth and infiltrate type of approach to Crime fighting, while the Vanguard prefers a frontal assault type. With flashy costumes, they are very publicly known and recognized, and this has led to more then one scrub up on occasion with the DWJ. 

The Vanguard has experienced something that the DWJ has not, the death of a team mate. With an encounter with the Circle of Power, the Vanguard's Nocturnal met his fate and was removed from all life as we know it. With this outcome, Captain Freedom has pledged that the Circle of Power will pay for what they have done and retribution will be paid for the loss of Nocturnal.


The members of  The Vanguard.


Captain Freedom

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The Leader of the Vanguard, he is very recognizable in the eyes of the public with his Flowing American Flag cape, costume and his big smile and reassuring speeches. He is the hero that everyone admires and associates with the Vanguard.

Captain Freedom can fly and is Involurnable and has great strength which assists him in his daily routine of helping the innocent against the plague of crime.


Picture of Ms. Victory from AC Comics "FemForce"


Almost the Female equivalent to Captain Freedom, this super heroine also wears a myriad of Red white and blue, but with the scales of Justice logo in the front of her costume and sometimes her cape. She is the older sister of Hericane and seems to be the sensible, down to earth one out of the duo.

Liberty is second in command of the Vanguard and takes her responsibilities very seriously, almost to the point of being "bossy". She is aware that her actions are under observation and scrutiny of the American eye, so she can't let her hair down like her little sister Hericane. 

Liberty is a champion of women's rights, speaking for many women's groups and always a supporter in their campaigns. Liberty as well can fly, but she has the power of Electro-blast, which allows her to unleash a powerful stream of electricity to her opponents.

Counter Strike

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The product of the U.S. Military, Counter Strike is the Saboteur of the group (Surprisingly equivalent to the DWJ's Snake Eyes). Counter Strike can teleport and is a master of explosives. His talents are deployed whenever there is a bomb threat that needs neutralizing, or an enemy stronghold that needs to be softened up.

Counter Strike is a easy going guy that likes to joke around quite a bit, and he has built up a rap pore with Snake Eyes. Another of Counterstrike's abilities is being able to breathe in any kind of atmosphere, whether it be smoke, poison gas, water, ect... Counterstrike is not limited to an oxygen environment.

Little Eagle

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A native American woman who has the power of Dispersal. Little Eagle was a Texas Ranger until she was recruited into the services of The Vanguard. She wears the same uniform of the Rangers as her costume, but has been known to wear a ceremonial dress for special occasions, as she is very close to her heritage.

It is possibly related to her culture the basis of her other power, the ability to speak to animals. Many assignments have been a success because Little Eagle has been able to receive important information from the animals around the area; bugs, birds, pets.

The Orkin Man

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Another contribution from the U.S. Military is the Orkin Man. A scientist/ex-soldier field testing an environmental rescue power suit, William Jackson was involved in an accident and his spine broken. The military resumed his experiments in hopes to enroll him into the Vanguard.

His suit is equipped with many features specially made for the retrieval of people and equipment and has been easily modified for the purpose of capturing criminals.



The Vanguard's leading Coven expert, Nocturnal met his fate on one such assignment when he ran into the Circle of Power and was killed. Nocturnal was a quiet individual who was wrapped up into the lifestyle of the occult which fueled the rage he felt at the Coven of Evil, for twisting that in which he believed in.

Nocturnal dressed much like a magic user in some fantasy role playing game, long cloak and hood, and a staff as a weapon. Nocturnal could turn himself invisible which helped in the covert assignment he conducted against the coven. His followers, the Brotherhood of the Light vow as much revenge against the Circle of Power as much as Captain Freedom, and their numbers are greater, even though they don't have super powers, they do have a formable group.

The Canadian

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This Superhero hails from the True white north of Canada, a good natured fellow who wears a red and white body costume and mask symbolistic of the Canadian Flag.

The Canadian can Fly and also has the ability to read minds. The Canadian is just as patriotic as Captain Freedom, but does not display it so often. The Canadian does not have the super strength like Captain Freedom, but prefers to use his good judgment and thinking abilities instead of brawn to get himself out of a tight situation.


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The Aztec

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