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1997 - 2001

Farewell Modular...

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Modular: Downtown Venus
Modular: Cinnimon
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Originally created by James Jackson, this series was based in the future. It is the year 2036, and bio-engineered humans, called Modulars, were created by two organizations to do their "Dirty Work". The Series focus around a group of modulars that go by the names of 
Downtown Venus, Cinnimon Chambers and Fatale.

Unfortunately this series was cancelled by the creator and was thought dead. But a second Ray of light and hope has appeared and the series lives again.

Chris Lee has decided to pick up the series from the dead and bring it back to life. Unfortunately, this ray of hope soon faded. With unsuccessful completion of missions outlined in the Administrator's Conference of 1999, The Modular Series has ended.

As the finial player of the series, I will place my characters and their adventures on the Realms Website as a finial memoriam to the series, where for awhile, was tied in popularity with the mainstay DWJ series, and had potential to go far.

Farewell Modular.


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Downtown Venus

Cinnimon Chambers





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