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Comments: Excellent resource for all those games that have been dropped by their creator. Not just for Top Secret RPG's, but for any kind of game that is long since out of print, most likely will be here.


Top Secret: The Roleplaying Game



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(Formally known as TSSI Environments)  


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This Top Secret\SI Webring site owned by Klydesdale.
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Other Roleplaying Sites
A fantastic site that is dedicated in fighting the bad image that RPG's and RPGers have been labeled with. I suggest to anyone who roleplays or runs a role playing game to visit her site and sign up on the ring, to be a buddy, to voice some kind of support to keep our craft alive.

Comments: Good site with alot of personal guides on how to RPG and how to Gamemaster. Good resources for all of us, as you all know, we should always be improving ourselves.

Comments: The site that took over the TSR company (or merged or something). They don't support Top Secret SI either, and yours truly sent them an E-mail asking if they are going to pick it up. They said No. So looks like we're still on our own here.



Comments: Articles and gaming tips from other players and GM's. Links to many other games and gaming series.

Comments: I like this site, It was one of the first RPG sites that I went to regularly. Lots of message boards not only on Top Secret, but of almost any RPG in existence.



Other Sites of Interests

Natasha is a gorgeous Russian woman who runs an amateur adult website of, herself! She gracefully gave us permission to use her likeness for an upcoming character in the game. She is a very talented graphics designer and her wall papers are beautifully rendered works of art.

Kanthara is the Realms premier artist for Gargoyles, and she has real talent drawing them. A gifted artist (and fellow Canadian!!) who is drawing us our first professional picture of Trin (of the DWJ). Her site is very colorful and has many great pictures of Gargoyles and fantasy related pictures.


Banner. I've known for awhile now, back before when the thing I would do with the net was collect pictures. has a great selection of tasteful pictures of models, fitness models, ect.. Many of the models on the foxes site are clothed and nude and is a great source of pictures for campaigns. Foxes' contribution to the Realms website is the permission to use a picture of Cori Nadine for Magnesium of the DWJ. Thank you very much Foxes.

Echo Johnson is a beautiful woman who was a playboy playmate. Echo is the character image that we use to represent Zanthia "The Guardian" for the DWJ, to which Echo has just sponsored! Many thanks go to Echo for helping out the Realms!

An excellent site if your in the mood of getting an original work of art (even if it's a print). Ruth has a great talent of making medieval pictures, I purchased the print "Choosers of the Slain" and will probably pick up some more if she makes more based on Norse Mythology. 



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