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1998 - 2001

Cinnimon Chambers

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Unknown girl from a magazine
(Cinnimon Chambers)

Cinnimon Chambers is an investigative Specialist for the Nexus Corporation. Her job is to go in and investigate the missions of other modulars.

Her life did not span as long as with Downtown Venus, Cinnimon was created towards the midpoint of the modular series when things were beginning to break down with the Downtown line of the series.

Cinnimon was an interesting character. Very naive and wholesome, sex was completely outside of the norm and she strove to be professional at her job and duty as the investigator.


She would usually be paired up with a variety of different partners, from Combat specialists to vehicle specialists, they would do the majority of the fighting, as Cinnimon didn't possess any real great strength as other modulars had. For her own protection, she fancied shotguns. 

Cinnimon enjoyed the covertness of her role. She would forge documents, take on different identities to get her job done. She loved a challenge and when things didn't make sense, she enjoyed the puzzle a whole lot more. Cinnimon ran into other Dimensian agents in the field, but no hostilities broke out due to a truce between Nexus and Dimensia concerning investigative specialists.

Even though her role was very short lived, she was developing distinct character traits, unique for even modulars. She began to develop faith, and religion was becoming an important part in her life, which is unusual due to that most modulars knowing that they are genetically created, believe that there is no "God".

Her hobbies included solitary activities. Cinnimon loved to play the piano and had a baby grand in her room. She loved reading romance novels and began to take up Chess as a sport.

It is a shame that this run of the modular series has come to an end, it was eventful that at one day that Cinnimon Chambers would have met and partnered with the enigmatic 
Downtown Venus, which would have been a very interesting assignment. But unfortunately it never happened.


Other pics of Cinnimon Chambers


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For those who believe in God...

The Kingdom of Heaven is Theirs.



Cinnimon Chambers
Operative # 97

1998 - 2001



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