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Security Classification: 000

PURPOSE: Administrator's Briefing.




The Web is a worldwide organization promoting crime, terrorism, and revolution. It employs these three tools to generate profit, destabilize governments and international relationships, and gain political power for itself and it's top operatives.

The Web has infiltrated most of the major espionage networks in the world, and it's intelligence and counterintelligence capabilities are extensive. Espionage activities are part of it's daily routine.

The organization also has influence in a number of governments throughout the world. Two nations are known to be run by Directors of the Web: a Balkan nation securely behind the iron curtain and a right wing Latin American dictatorship. Many other countries, including Asian states on both sides of the political coin, several Middle Eastern countries, and others in Central and South America, are under the influence of the Web.

Though seemingly free of Web influence, all of the world's major powers, including the US, USSR, UK, Japan, France, Italy, and Germany are home to branches of the Web. The organization has infiltrated society, government and financial centers of these nations to a greater or lesser degree. In addition, a number of multi-national corporations, and many smaller businesses, are owned by representatives of the Web. The Web maintains (at least) a small station in every city of one million people or more, throughout the world. These often operate through business fronts.

Industries with heavy concentrations of Web involvement include air and sea transport, armaments, petrochemicals, mining and other natural resource utilization, and computers.



From the ashes of Europe, at the close of World War I, a few shrewd businessmen and financiers emerged with greatly improved positions of wealth and power. The destabilization of the great empires - England, France, Germany, and Austria-Hungary - gave these men and women the opportunity to consolidate and concentrate their influence.

In 1919, several dozen of them met secretly in one of the great capitals of Europe. From this conclave grew the Web, whose sticky tendrils have grown steadily over the last seven decades.

The Web has orchestrated, and profited from, a number of the major events of this century. During the chaos of World War II, and through the dissolution of the British Empire, it became truly monstrous in size. It continued to thrive through Cold War and detente.

It adapts it's tactics to the historical situation. When prohibition offered prime profits for alcohol, the Web smuggled it into the US from all over the world. The same smuggling network now serves as a pipeline for heroin and cocaine.

Never have the Web's terrorist activities flourished so visibly as in the last decade. Recognizing a vulnerability brought on by improved technology and communications, the organization strikes regularly and brutally against the major governments of the world through seemingly unconnected terrorist acts.



The Web is a careful and meticulous organization. Each of it's actions is carefully planned, rehearsed, and executed. Operatives in positions of leadership and responsibility are smart and cruel, capable of ruthless acts without a second thought.

An espionage network of almost unparalleled effectiveness is the heart and soul of the Web, serving as the organization's eyes, ears, and occasionally, hands.

The Web has placed moles, double agents, and traitors among the ranks of most of the world's espionage and police organizations. This is not to say that all contacts with those organizations will be compromised, but care must be exercised to avoid complications.

In addition, the Web maintains it's own nerve center of command and communications, in an unknown location. This center co-ordinates input from the Web's intelligence operatives and sends it's own agents on missions of assassination and sabotage. The location of this nerve center (Suspected name: Nexus) is the most carefully guarded secret in a closetful of carefully guarded secrets.

The Web will foment revolution and supply arms (at a considerable profit) to either or both sides of any dispute. The Web's armaments agents have been known to upgrade the weapons available to one side in a conflict and then turn around and train the opposing side, profiting heavily from a continuing spiral of growing sophistication within a single conflict.

The criminal activities of the Web are world-wide in scope, and include gambling, smuggling, and extortion. Often, a criminal syndicate that seems to be confined to a given location is, upon close examination, simply another tentacle of the Web.

A characteristic of any activity deemed important and co-ordinated by the Web is the large amount of financial backing the organization supplies to it's operatives. A major operation may have several hundred million dollars worth of muscle behind it.



The Web is run by a cabal of Directors. The exact number is unknown, but there would seem to be several dozen. The cabal elects a Chairman who guides overall policy for the organization. The position of Chairman rotates mandatory after five years.

Each of the Directors has earned his or her position through a long series of successful activities. They, as a group, are among the most powerful people in the world.

Each Director is responsible for Web activities of a certain nature, within a certain area. The Web is known to include a Director for Crime, Middle East. There are, reportedly, strong rivalries between Directors, but violent confrontation is discouraged by the organization.

Each Director is familiar with the general workings of the Web. All have been indoctrinated (through terror and discipline) against interrogation, however. Only once has a Director been taken captive - he killed himself by licking a patch of cyanide grafted to the skin of his arm.

The Directors avoid any direct connections between themselves and their operative's illicit activities. They are almost always people of high status in their native cultures, and they take painstaking care to maintain their legitimate fronts.

Each Director controls a staff of operatives, directed by one or more Operations Managers, or "OMs."

The Operation Managers perform much of the dirty work ordered by the Directors. As a rule, they seem to be familiar with the nature of the Web, and with their own and the Director's roles there. They know little beyond their own areas of activities, however.

The Operation Managers include criminal bosses, heads of terrorist organizations, mercenary captains, and espionage station chiefs. The OM may have a legitimate cover, or may not, depending on his or her role.

The agents, operatives, and lackeys below the level of OM are, as a rule, unaware of the existence of the Web. They do their jobs, thinking that they work for either the Operation Manager or, perhaps, a Director. Most never suspect that their boss is a member of a larger organization.

All Web operatives are paid very well for their activities, ensuring a level of morale and dedication higher then that of the average thug.



The Web's activities tend to be covert, and security is tight. The following operations are known to be in progress, but presumably represent only a small portion of the Web's total current activity.

A. Middle East

A very active directorate operates in the Arabic countries, co-ordinating terrorist and arms dealing activities. The Web is known to train terrorists in the North African desert, and also operates several such training facilities in the vicinity of Beirut. The Web furnishes weapons and explosives for many terrorist operations in this part of the world.

In addition, the Web profits from the sale of armaments to most of the countries in the region. The Web has supplied the Afghan guerrilla movement while, at the same time, devising and furnishing new poison gas weapons to the occupation forces. Likewise, both sides in the Persian Gulf war use weapons and ammunition obtained through Web pipelines.

B. The Golden Triangle

The processing and smuggling of drugs has long been one of the Web's primary activities. The organization is known to operate many drug factories in Southeast Asia. The exact routes taken by these drugs (primarily heroin at this time) are unknown, but many shipments pass through the Mediterranean Sea while another common pipeline takes it directly to the West Coast of the USA.

In addition, the Web has been known to wipe out whole villages - even whole tribes - which have refused to co-operate with it's agents. As always, the Web seeks to foment violent revolution and chaos against every government in the region.

C. Latin America

Latin America provides the Web with a major income source in the form of cocaine processing and smuggling. Again, the pipeline used to funnel the drugs into the US are very carefully guarded and, at present, unknown.

In addition, through the Central American government run by the Web, the organization is fomenting revolution in virtually every other country in the region. The Web has no qualms about supporting left-wing movements in one country, and right-wing revolution in a neighboring state - the chaos of constant warfare is the Web's objective in the region.

D. Finial Notes

The Web's Espionage branch has been ominously quiet recently. Evidence has surfaced indicating that massive funds have been diverted to this branch of the organization, but their purpose remains unknown.



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