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Series: Villains.

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Fashion Model: Leanne Tweeden.

Triad broke into a SPCA in Los Angeles to steal this little lady as a pet.

Anthony Pierce, the mysterious English Billionaire that now employs Triad.

Triad is an Immortal who has been around since pre recorded history of Egypt. She also has the ability to Disperse and turn her body into a gaseous state which allows her to pass through walls and solid objects with ease.

Her travels have brought her to America where she was attempting to find work in the "shadowy" world of crime. She has 3 companions; Corbin, McKay, and DuBois.

Triad has run into the Evil Doctor Monocian and knows that even though he's a Genius, he's a man to stay away from. From that, she has found employment with Anthony Pierce, an English Billionaire that owns many transportation companies world wide. He has many tasks that would either expose him publicly, or are too "dirty" to have his name written over it which is where Triad comes in.


Due to security reasons, the profile for Triad has been pulled to ensure privacy during the game. If you would like to see this profile, please send mail to me at:

Thank you.





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