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The Department of World Justice  

Established in 1994 by the world governments and the United Nations, this superhero organization stands as the world policing agency against super villains of the earth.

It is now the year 2004. The DWJ have been policing and protecting the world for 8 years. In their campaigns they have thwarted the plans and schemes of many of the criminals on the planet. They have traveled to other dimensions and faced challenges that would be beyond the ability of mere humans.

Here is a listing and description of the Heroes of The Department of World Justice.


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Magnus Shadow Snake -  Eyes Goldberg Bishop


The DWJ have matured over the years since their first conceptual design back in the later 90's. At first the United Nations established 5 department buildings all over the earth, in each continent. There were operational centers in:

North America: New Orleans, USA
South America:
Europe: Zurich, Switzerland
Africa: Zambia Strip, Zambia
Asia: Tokyo, Japan
Australia: Sydney, Australia

After the DWJ serviced a (short) stint in Antarctica, they were whisked away to another dimension for almost a year, this brought amazing stress to the earth with the disappearance of the DWJ, and crime and evil flourished. With this, The United States of America pulled out of the DWJ project and incorporated their own superhero organization called the Vanguard. The Vanguard protects the NAFTA Agreement countries (USA, Canada & Mexico).

The United Nations during this time, decided to cut back on the money allotted to the DWJ and re-structure the resources. All the buildings were closed down and personnel and resources were moved to the centralized location of Zurich, Switzerland, favored for being a neutral country.

At the same time, the UN decided that an authority figure was needed to lead the superheroes when they return, for as before, there was no leader and it was pretty much left to the superheroes who would lead from time to time, which did not always bring around the best result. The UN enlisted retired Major - General Lewis M. Mackenzie to lead the superhero team. Major General Lewis Mackenzie, a veteran Canadian Peacekeeper of the UN took the role of commander of the Department of World Justice and overseen the upgrades to the new DWJ building in Switzerland.

When the Superheroes returned, they returned to a leaner and more efficient organization to police the world's super criminals. The Building, located at a lakeside chateau consists of many buildings, including a science center, a vehicle's bay and a medical facility.

The DWJ's roles are too large and demanding for any one man, so the Major General took it upon himself to designate responsibility to the members of the DWJ. The areas of responsibility are as follows:

Magnus: Head of the Science Department.
Shadow: Head of Operations for D9
Snake - Eyes: Weapons, Ammunition, Equipment & Explosives.
Trin: Gargoyle Advisor, Tactics, Evaluation, and Strategy.
The Searcher: Head of Computer operations and the science dept. in Magnus's absence.
Zanthia: Ambassador to D9.
Miss Infinity: Public Relations.
Averil Cavilier: Vehicles (Air, Land, Water, Space)



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