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Even in this world and time, there are those who do not "fit in" to the organizations of the Heroes and Villains. Some of them choose to "Take the law into their own hands", while others are there merely to "Do what needs to be done". These individuals appear from time to time in the game, and the heroes of the DWJ know them all too well.

The Citizen's Coalition


As the forces of evil are being fought around the world, the Citizen's Coalition wages it's war on the street, in places where the bigger organizations don't see or don't care about. The Citizen's Coalition comprises of Citizen X (the leader), Domino, The Cat, Springheel Jack, and The Fist of Justice.

Their tactics are more savage and cruel then the other "good" superheroes, where they will try to capture the villain alive to bring him through the "system", the Coalition would easily terminate him so that the evil will be brought to an end. A very heavy handed justice system the Coalition has adopted, it has brought them eye to eye and working with the DWJ on occasion, even though the good organizations vow to bring in Citizen X and his band of vigilantes to answer for the crimes that they themselves have done. 

The Citizen's Coalition:


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Citizen X: The leader of the group who wears a brilliantly colored costume that portrays flames with a burning X in the front. His weapons of choice is a  double barreled shotgun which when fired blows a very luminescent fire trail out the end. He wears a mask and the powers and abilities he has been seen with are the powers of Involurnability, which make him impervious to small arms fire. 

Domino: A beautiful lady of British decent, domino uses her powers of mind reading to assist the coalition in their cases. She reads the minds of the thugs or criminals to see what they are up to, if they are hiding somewhere, and what they are going to do next. As with the DWJ and their mind reader (The Searcher), Domino's help in this area has helped save many lives and the Citizen's coalition's from time to time.

The Cat: An ex-Silk Spectre of the Coven, The Cat came into the services of the Citizen's Coalition when she was rescued by Citizen X when the coven caught up to her and were about to kill her in a dark alleyway. Her special abilities were known by the Coven and they wanted to make her into a special weapon in their fight against the DWJ.  

The Cat has the ability of projecting Fear into her targets and the ability to leap great distances. These powers help her when there is great numbers of opponents. Her weapon of choice is a finely crafted Fiberglas Katana which is collapsible, and just as strong as an authentic one from Japan.


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Springheel Jack: This unusual man is the source of many myths and legends in England and in Europe, but this Springheel Jack didn't originate from this Earth. He was brought here by the DWJ when they chased after the Armageddon to an alternate earth. They unknowingly brought him back and he left to evict justice where harm was being done. 

Eventually it wasn't long until he was approached by the Citizen's Coalition. He wears a shiny metallic helmet, a dark blue cape and breastplate armor. His face is horribly disfigured and he has claws on his hands that he uses for the most part in his fight with crime

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The Fist of Justice: This man was already a vigilante back in the U.S. when he was approached by the Citizen's Coalition. Not much has changed, he still goes about terrorizing the criminals and bringing about retribution, but now it's on a global scale.

The Outlaw

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This "Mystery Woman" has appeared and worked with the DWJ almost since the beginning of it's creation. She is a very tough as nails kinda gal that takes as well as gives when the situation calls for it.

Her special ability is Teleportation, she (and sometimes another) can disappear and appear in another area the Outlaw chooses. She normally carries two .45 Colt pistols and wears a costume reminiscent of the wild west, and a face mask which conceals her true identity.

Her motive for doing what she does? Who knows, at least the DWJ don't. The Outlaw will usually appear at the beginning of an adventure and simply disappear at the end, not to be seen for some time. But whatever her motives are, her help has benefited the DWJ's goals, and they generally approve of her company.

The Langolier

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This woman has been around for a long time. An Immortal from the 15 or 16th century (nobody knows for sure), she has used her talents as a Genius to make profit and change the world that she lives in. She was hunted by the War Criminal Tribunal for her participation with the Nazis and her sinister experimentations during WWII, but she "mysteriously" gotten the charges dropped.

She has built gadgets for many criminals of the world and equally built gadgets for the DWJ. She now resides in Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany where she still creates gadgets and fiddles around with experiments. She is very eccentric in her dealings with the DWJ and has a flair for the past.

She is of average height and wears her blonde hair in such a way to always hide the left side of her face. She usually wears Victorian dresses, but when battle arises, she'll don her grey trench coat and shoulder armor. Her weapons of choice are an antique fencing sword and a 17th century flintlock pistol (which has about the same power as any of today's pistols).

Click here to see the Langolier's home: Castle Neuschwanstein.


Requested Permission NOT Denied



Hericane is the sister of the Vanguard's Liberty. But as liberty is a stout defender of Truth, Justice and the American way, Hericane is radically different. She's not evil, mind you, but she is hot tempered and violent which leads her into doing things more like a vigilante then a superheroine. She has an attitude, more like a party girl then a hero, she like to have a good time, and to get her way. She has worked with the DWJ on numerous occasions and whenever she shows up at their building, the same old expression comes from them
"Oh no.... Hericane".

Hericane, like her sister, can fly and has super strength. She also has Involurnability which proves useful at time when she gets into fights with thugs or other women at the bar. Her costume is a tightly fitting swimsuit with the black and red design, she wears a black and red cape that also compliments her flowing red hair. All in all Hericane is the superheroine which makes the assignments that the DWJ have to go on wild and exciting.


Astral is a Sorceress which followed the DWJ back from the same Dimension that they rescued Averil from. She is here on a type of Asylum and promises not to use her magic to alter the natural course of things on this world.

But that does not mean that she cannot be mischievous, and she is. Astral is the one who endowed Trin with the ability to reproduce with humans and because of this magic and Astral's trickster behavior, all the eggs have a fancy pattern on them like an Easter egg.

Expect more of Astral to be seen in the upcoming season.


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