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Players, without them, there is no Game.

They are the Heroes, adventurer's and comic relief that keeps the story going.

They help to flesh things out and to be challenged by the environment in which they exist.

This is for my players, for whom I have spent many years, many adventures, and created many stories with. You are the ideal example of what role players are and gamers are about. 

Here is to you.

Valkyrja Klydesdale



Welcome to the round table. Although the actual table we sit and game at is not round (it's actually two tables pushed together), we still consider it the round table. Just as King Arthur's Knights of the round table gathered there to recant their tales of chivalry and heroism, so do my gamers. The only difference is that they sit at the round table and during the course of an evening, do the deeds that make them heroes.

Here is where the positions of the players sit. Click on their thumbnail to go to their Player's Profile and larger pic.







Look at the Players in the Wild West!

The Lee Gang

Summer 98    Summer 99

Taken during Edmonton's Famous Klondike Days in the Summer of 98 & 99


People have come here to see the players.

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