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"Jesus, Dinosaurs and More" is a webpage of Scientific evidence supporting the Biblical account of Creation.

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The Bible vs. Evolution

Please Read this Page first

Defining the terms: What is Creation? What is Evolution?

The need for this work (coming soon)

"There is no novelty to me in the reflection that, from my earliest years, I have accepted many false opinions as true, and that what I have concluded from such badly assured premises could not but be highly doubtful and uncertain. From the time that I first recognized this fact, I have realized that if I wished to have any firm and constant knowledge in the sciences, I would have to undertake, once and for all, to set aside all the opinions which I had previously accepted among my beliefs and start again from the very beginning."

First Meditation

Commentary on Genesis

Read the first Chapter of Genesis with my commentary to help you understand God's Creation
This page tells about the Creation of the heavens and the earth. / The bible says the earth is round. / How many continents were there? Plate Tectonics / Where is Atlantis?/ God creates plants / What is a "kind"? / God creates the stars. / The sun and the moon / He also creates flying creatures, insects, pterosaurs and creatures that live in water./ Variation and Darwin's finches /Peppered moths / God creates man./ Haeckel's embryos / Where was the Garden of Eden? / God commands man to fill the earth / God gives us plants to eat / God give animals plants to eat/ The earth is perfect / No birth defects, no mental illness / Fossils can not exist in a perfect creation (Updated 11/04)

Read the second Chapter of Genesis with my commentary
The Creation of Man / The earth is watered by a mist from the ground / Adam and Eve were real people / God creates Eve / Did Adam have a belly button? / God makes complex apes / Adam names the animals / Adam could speak.

Read the third Chapter of Genesis with my commentary
The Fall of Man / Satan tempts Eve / Is the eye poorly designed?/Micro carvings and occipital torus/ Did snakes have legs? / Snakes become poisonous / No spider webs / Pain in childbirth begins / Cursed ground and carbon dating / The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics / Thorns and thistles / Overcrowded? / The first animal is killed /

There was no death of Man, animals or Dinosaurs before Sin entered the world The Biblical basis for the belief that nothing died before Adam sinned.

All animals (including dinosaurs) were originally created to be vegetarian. Why did this change? How did the teeth of herbivores change into teeth of carnivores?

"The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." Isaiah 11:6

"We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive." Albert Einstein

The age of the Patriarchs Humans used to live for hundreds of years.

Neanderthals: The Biblical Patriarchs Neanderthals are true humans made in the image of God / Neanderthals lived to be hundreds of years old / Age related changes in the head and face explain Neanderthal morphology /

Post-cranial remains of Neanderthals and their implications.

Read the fourth Chapter of Genesis with my commentary
Adam and Eve have children / Cain kills Abel / The first musical instruments / Who did Adam's kids marry? /

Read the fifth Chapter of Genesis with my commentary

Read the sixth Chapter of Genesis with my commentary Noah, the ark and the flood. Genesis 6-9
Notes on the appendix Gen 9:3

Cro-magnon man Post-flood descendants of Noah

Article on alleged hominid Aegyptopithecus by Matt Murdock

Article on alleged hominid Proconsul africanus by Matt Murdock

Article on alleged hominid Sahelanthropus by Matt Murdock

Australopithecus the ape that walked uprightJournal article on Australopithecine pelvis' and evidence for bipedalism

Read the tenth Chapter of Genesis with my commentary Nimrod and Peleg, The beginning of Egypt (no cultures older than Genesis)

Commentary on the 11'th chapter of Genesis The Tower of Babel / Where did all the different races of people come from? /

Complex apes coming soon

God created many apes to walk upright coming soon

The future How far will degeneration go? God will restore all things.

Where do we go when we die? Where did the people in the Old Testament go?


You can not "work" your way to Heaven. "Good" people do not go to Heaven - and "Bad" people do not go to Hell. We are Saved by Grace and by Faith not by our deeds. Click HERE to find out more!

The earth is Not millions of years old

Why both Science and Scripture do not support the Gap theoryThe days in Genesis are Not millions of years! Updated 3/11/02

The Young Earth: Scientific and Biblical Reasons why the Earth Can Not be Millions of years old

Some pictures to demonstrate that it doesn't take millions of years for something to fossilize

The inaccuracies of Carbon Dating

News: Neanderthal carbon dates revealed to be fudged

Dinosaurs in the Bible

There are over 20 links on dinosaurs and the Bible listed below. If you don't see any dinosaur pictures below, or can't view Tables, CLICK HERE

Are Dinosaurs in the Bible? You Bet They Are! Read this Page to find out where
Are the Dragons described in the Bible actually Dinosaurs? Updated 1/29/05
Flying Pterosaurs in the Bible Updated 8/31/06
Leviathan - The Sea Dwelling Dinosaur mentioned in the Bible Updated 6/17/02

What caused the Dinosaurs to become extinct? - Here's a Theory based on Science and on Scripture 7/17/06
See how dinosaurs could go on Noah's ark Updated 07/09/06
Carvings of Dinosaurs in Bernifal cave
See why Dinosaurs could not have evolved into birds Updated on 9/20/05
The Paluxy River tracks Refuting the claim that human footprints were found with dinosaur footprints in Texas
Why did the Brontosaurus skeletons in museums have the wrong head on them for 96 years? Updated 8/12/05
Coming soon: a page on the "reem" A horned creature in the bible that could be a triceratops

Dinosaurs that may still be alive today

Mokele-Mbembe - Is it a living dinosaur in Africa? And also Lake Champlains "Champ" believed to be a dinosaur Updated 8/05
See Evidence that Dinosaurs have always lived at the Same Time as Man... and some small species may still be Alive Today Updated 7/05
More accounts of man and dinosaurs living together (taken from the book "After the Flood" )

Could Plesiosaurs be living today?

The Zuiyo-maru carcass. Is it a Plesiosaur as some claim, or is it a Basking Shark?
Coming soon: "The Komodo Dragon"
If man lived with dinosaurs, wouldn't the dinosaurs eat them? (page coming soon)
Carvings of dinosaurs made by the people who lived with them. Evidence from around the world including Acambaro, Mexico.

See Scientific Evidence that Man did NOT Evolve From Apes (or ape-like creatures)

An examination of all of the so called "Ape-men"
Exposing the Frauds, Cover ups and Misinterpretations

>Speciation and variation are not the same as Evolution

The difference between Variation within a species and Evolution

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark... Fact or Fairy Tale? Answering the skeptics: Was the ark big enough for all those animals? Was there really a flood that covered the whole earth?

How did penguins and kangaroos get on Noah's ark?

The Ice Age, the Bible and the Wooly Mammoth Did you know the Ice Age was caused by Noah's flood? - Updated 4/10/2000 New Audio section lets you listen to a discussion on the Mammoth

Has Noah's ark been found?

Refuting Ron Wyatt's claim that he has found Noah's Ark

The Big Bang

The Big Bang and the Bible. See why they don't mix


Angels: Clearing up some misconceptions

The Origin of Satan: Why did God make a Devil?

Do Ghosts exist? A Biblical Answer. See the Angelic Deception / Also why Reincarnation is not Biblical / Can psychics really predict the future or talk to the dead? What about 1 Samuel 28?

Do aliens really exist? See Scientific and Biblical evidence that they don't.

Other False Evidence used to support Evolution

Mutations do not support Evolution

Fish did not evolve into amphibians..

What are Vestigial (so called "useless")Organs? Does our appendix have a function?

Scientific Evidence that the Horse has Not Evolved

What is a "Living Fossil" ? See how can they be used as evidence that Evolution has not occurred.

The Devastating Effects of Evolutionary Teaching

A picture to show you who sets the rules when you believe in Evolution

The Increase in Suicide rates, Murder, Racism etc. Are they a result of Humanism and Evolutionary Teaching?

Did anyone ever try to tell you that during development babies have gill slits or tails? This lie is actually taught in school. And it is 100% not true. See how this lie has been used to support Abortion..

What is our "tailbone" for? Is it a left over from Evolution?

The Bible

Why Didn't God Heal the apostle Paul? - The misinterpretation of 2nd Corinthians and Paul's "thorn" in the flesh.

David and Goliath.. True story, or Tall tale? Under construction

The Scientific accuracy of Jonah... A whale of a tale

Jonah and Leedsichthys the problem fish

There are No Contradictions in the Bible

Lot's wife a pillar of salt? Or Biblical fable?

Just for Kids

Under construction

The pages below are still under construction.. but feel free to take a peek

Coming soon: A page of Audio clips and interviews on Creation and Evolution

The Deception behind "Near Death Experiences" - The Accounts of Hell, you never hear about.

Coming soon:

Can you trust the information on this website?"

An Honest Man Alters His Ideas To Fit The Truth.
A Dishonest Man Alters The Truth To Fit His Ideas

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