The Deception Behind Near Death Experiences

The numerous accounts of "Near Death Experiences" we hear about on TV have led many to believe that all who die will be embraced by the "warm loving light". This is simply not true.

I do believe that there is an element of truth behind some Near Death experiences. But, while we do hear many stories of such occurrences, not all are positive, loving experiences.

The media has done much to spread the idea that all who have "cheated death" were sent to Heaven, but at the last minute, were swept back into their bodies. I do believe this has occurred.

But what the media doesn't tell you is that there are many many occurrences where the person having the Near death experience went to a fiery hell, rather than the love filled heaven.

This page will examine these frightening experiences.

They may leave you to wonder if it is "safe to die"

In future updates of this page, I will be quoting extensively from Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings book: "To Hell and Back" (this is not his webpage, I just liked his book and thought others would benefit from hearing about it).

You can order it from your local bookstore

( this page is still under construction)

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