Angels: Clearing up some Misconceptions

There are Many misconceptions about Angels, especially with their growing popularity in our culture.

This page will be Scriptural descriptions of Angels. - Many will go against what is commonly believed to be true. But we must accept the Scriptures as the final authority in our thinking about angels, not what popular culture says.

Do we become Angels when we die?

The most common misconception about angelic beings is that we become one when we die. Though it makes for a nice story, it is simply not true. There is nothing in the Bible to suggest that we become Angels when we die. The Bible tells us that God Created Angels as separate beings than humans. The Angels were created to serve God, and to serve Man.

Read my commentary on Genesis to find out when Angels were created this is on my Main page

When we die we will be given a new body, but not the body of an angel. Most likely it will be a body much like the ones we are in now. Without all the sickness, disease, etc. If you have asked Christ to be your Savior, you will be given a new body and will live in Heaven with Him for Eternity.

"Malak" and Angelos" ?

The word "Angel" comes from the Greek word "angelos" and the Hebrew word "Malak". These literally mean: "messenger"

We have all seen the pictures of winged women, clothed in white, flying around.

But what do Angels Really look like?

It appears as though Angels of both sexes may be represented in the bible.

Comment from a reader:
"Zechariah 5:9 talks about women with wings--probably a type of angel."
from Lisa S. 3/7/01

Why then do we always see them portrayed as little babies, or women?

Perhaps Satan wants God’s army of angels to appear vulnerable and helpless. While using pictures of massive demon warriors on his side.

In the bible Angels are described as large powerful beings.

Ranks of Angels

There are many different kinds of angels. They vary in purpose, physical size, color, and attire.

The Bible gives us the following types of angels:

Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Domination’s, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, and Archangels

Do Angels have halos?

I have not seen any biblical reference to angels having halos. If you know of any please let me know.

The common pictorials showing angels with halos borrow the halo from pagan art and beliefs.

Do Angels have wings?

The Bible does not say that all angels have wings. But the Bible does describe the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones as having wings. But the others may not be winged at all.

Seraphim’s each have six wings. ( Isaiah 6:2 and Rev 4:6). The word "Seraphim" means "burning ones" (Ezekiel 1:4).

Cherubim: The book of Ezekiel ( 10:3-22) describe them as having: a face, hands, and wings (no halos) ,

Another type of Angel that have wings are "Thrones". They are described as having 4 faces, four wings.. and are the color of burnished brass.

Some interesting facts about angels..

Angels eat.. Read Psalms 78:25

Angels do not die. They are spiritual beings that will forever be in existence. See: Luke 20:36

Angels are Not to be worshipped.
Read Exodus 25:19 and Deuteronomy 4:19 and 17:2-7.. Also; Colossians 2:18 and Revelation 19:10, Revelation 22:8-9
Worshipping Angels is common in some of the new age cults today. This is putting the creation in front of the Creator. Rather than worshipping Angels, we should worship the God who Created the Angels, and all life.

There are several angels mentioned by name in the Bible.

Gabriel is mentioned by name in the book of "Daniel 8:16 and 9:21", also in "Luke 1:11-19" and "Luke 1:26-29"

Michael the Archangel is mentioned in "Daniel 10:13-21 and 12:1" also in "Jude 9" and fighting against the dragon in "Revelation 12:7"

The term "Archangel" is only in the Bible twice.
Once in "1 Thessalonians 4:16" ( although it does not give the Archangel a name ) and once in "Jude 9" (speaking specifically about Michael)

Can humans see Angels?

Yes, at times men have seen and even wrestled with angels (I will be adding scripture references).

If Angels exist then why don't people see them more often?

I believe there are many reasons. One is that in mans fallen spiritual state, he would mistakenly worship them. We see great evidence of this in many pagan religions.

I also believe that a great many people DO see Angels on a regular basis. If Angels were Created to serve God, and serve Man, then we should certainly encounter them. Many people have "entertained Angels unaware…" They have been in the presence of Angels without knowing it. Other people who have seen Angelic beings don't report them out of fear of being thought "loony".

We should not seek to see Angels, but rather seek God, and His kingdom. If we do this, we will see things much greater than Angels.

Angels were created some time during the 6 days of Creation. Read my commentary on Genesis 2 for more info.

Fallen angels, and Lucifer are discussed on this page

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