Paintings and carvings of dinosaurs made by the men who lived with them

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Some people think that man never saw dinosaurs. Read this letter I recieved below:

"The ancient Cave Paintings by Man shows only animals that are still around today. If Man and Dinosaur were in fact contemporary, then Cave Paintings should have shown Dinosaurs. The lack of dinosaurs in carvings would suggest that the two species were not contemporary."
Steven 12/02
By that reasoning the lack of paintings of chickens in caves prove man never lived with chickens.

Lots of extince animals are shown in cave paintings. The mammoth is a great example. As far as dinosaurs, there are dinosaur carvings and paintings in caves all around the world. But there has been a tendancy to hide these from the media. Read Dr. Cuozzo's book "Buried Alive: The startling truth about Neanderthal man" for one of the best examples of this. Dr. Cuozzo includes a picture of a mammoth and dinosaur in head to head combat carved in Bernifal cave.

Here are some pictures of dinosaurs made by human hands.

How do we explain these paintings and carvings?

There are 2 options.

Either these are fake, or they were made by men who lived at the same time dinosaurs did - just as the Bible describes.

This photo was taken under one of the bridges in White Rock Canyon (within Natural Bridges State Park near Blanding), Utah.

This picture shows a man and dinosaur coexisting.

Here is the same picture with a close-up of the dinosaur.

The petroglyphs were made by the Anasazi who lived there from 400 to 1800 AD. The picture is covered by heavy desert varnish, which forms naturally over time, and cannot be replicated (fraudulently).

I have seen some dinosaur drawings and carvings that show the four legged sauropods dragging their tails, and some studies show that these creatures may not have done this, and that they kept their tails up off the ground abit. At this time I don't know that we can prove this. If it was provable, and a carving depicted the sauropod with its tail dragging anyway then there are 2 possiblities. 1) The carving is a fake, or 2) this part of the carving is incorrect, but the artist did infact see the creature.

Many people who witness a crime and are asked to help with a police sketch do not get every detail of the person correct, but that doesn't mean that they didn't see the person.

The next two pictures are Inca Ceremonial Burial stones. They are believed to be from the Nasca culture. Over 1100 were found in the 1930's by Dr. Javier Cabrera.

Nearly one third of all of these depict dinosaurs like triceratops, stegosaurs, and pterosaurs. These dinosaurs are shown in full form. They are not pictures of dinosaur bones. But show interaction between the Indians and the dinosaurs.

This abundance of stones depicting these creatures demonstrates the heavy influence and impression such living creatures had on the humans who lived with them.

Here is a creature we know today as the triceratops. Is it possible that this was made by someone who actually saw a dinosaur?

Carvings of Dinosaurs from Acambaro, Mexico

There is a good book out called "Mystery in Acambaro: Did Dinosaurs Survive Until Recently?" by Charles Hapgood. His book contains hundreds of pictures of dinosaurs sculpted in clay from Acambaro, Gto., Mexico. These are not recent carvings but were made before dinosaur bones were first discovered. Examples from his book are below.

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