What caused the Dinosaurs to become extinct? An explanation from the Bible

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"Anybody can plainly see that Behemoth [mentioned in the book of Job chapter 40 verse 15] was a dinosaur. But my question is why did they all go extinct. Did God destroy them? I mean they were the largest land animal, you would think they would be able to survive." (email 9/24/01)

I believe that Dinosaurs were created on Day 6, the same day as Adam. I believe that they lived for a few thousand years, until the flood came. Noah took 2 of every kind of animal onto the ark, including dinosaurs. The harsh post-flood environment made it hard for the dinosaurs to live long after this. Some may have been hunted to extinction, and others were unable to survive as they degenerated (part of the curse God placed on the earth when Adam sinned), and lost some of their original abilities (the T-rex lost use of its arms for instance, as they shriveled and became useless).

How dinosaurs became extinct is one of the greatest questions of all time.

Those who do not believe the Biblical account of Creation have to come up with other theories.

Some have suggested that the dinosaurs were killed when a giant meteor hit the earth.

Some people believe that the dinosaurs died from diarrhea,
and others believe that they died of constipation.
(seriously.. they've spent millions of your tax dollars trying to prove this!)

Here is a picture of a dinosaur coprolite. Coprolite is fossil dung. From it we can tell what an animal ate.

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There are also people who believe that Aliens abducted the Dinosaurs.

- And they think that I'm crazy to believe that the dinosaurs not on Noah's Ark died in the Great Flood.

Noah took 2 of each kind of dinosaur onto the ark with him. Read this page to see how to fit dinosaurs onto the ark

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Even though 2 of every kind (not species) of dinosaur was on the ark, many drowned in the flood.

Picture used with permission of Dan L.

The greatest evidence of this is the fact that we have fossils of Dinosaurs at all. When an animal falls over dead, its body doesn't fossilize. It rots, or is eaten by other animals.

The only way for a dinosaur to fossilize is if it is completely buried in mud. The minerals in the water would then slowly replace the soft flesh, and bones. Turning the remains into a fossil. It would take a lot of mud to cover an entire dinosaur.

After the bones fossilized they were later exposed by erosion.

The layers of strata do not show an evolutionary progression. The "simple" creatures on the bottom layer did not evolve into the "complex" creatures in the top layer of rock. The reason these animals are sometimes found in this order is that animals that were already at the bottom of the sea would be the first to be buried in the mud slides etc. caused by the flood. Dinosaurs, mammals, and man would be able to flee to higher grounds (only to be buried later). And birds would be on the higher levels because they would have the best chance of staying alive in a flood.

Of course all of these layers were mixed again and again during the flood anyway. The fossil record is really a mess. The only time you really see the fossils in order is when an artist has put them in one for a textbook.

We know that many of the layers were deposited at the same time by the presence of polystrata fossils. See my page on the age of the earth.

Dinosaurs are found fossilized next to many other animals. Many of which are alive today. So whatever killed the dinosaurs, also killed many other animals, plants and humans. This catastrophe was large enough that it provided fossils on every continent.

There are many "fossil graveyards" all over the world. A fossil graveyard is a large "clump" of bones of many animals all washed into one concentrated place. I believe these formed when the floodwaters receded, leaving a tangled up mess of bones to later fossilize.

Here is a picture of a fossil graveyard

These graveyards are not evidence of dinosaurs just falling over dead. The tangled bones, and torn off limbs deposited together with plants and trees are best explained by a large catastrophe such as the Biblical flood.

There are many sites in the world where millions of fossil fragments can be found in one area. (If the bone is fossilized before it is broken, a clean break results. A break to fresh bone is more jagged. (confirm).).

In many cases these bones represent thousands of dinosaurs.

In cases where they are buried together in one area it is unlikely that an ordinary spring flood is to blame. A catastrophic inundation is the best explanation. Entire groups of living breathing animals were wiped out quickly by a catastrophic flood.

Coelophysis drowned in a flood

Here is a quote from the "Paleo World" special on the small dinosaur Coelophysis (pronounced "see-low-fye-sus") :

"Torrential rains began to fall suddenly with out warning. A flash flood tore through the stream bed, drowning everything in its wake. Swept along by the muddy waters the Coelophysis were doomed".

Sauropod dinosaurs drowned in a flood

On a National Geographic special: "Dinosaur Fever"(air date Dec 13, 1998) was a report on the fossilized remains of 2 sauropods (long necked dinosaurs). The special that featured paleontologist Paul Sereno describes the site in Africa?s Sahara Desert.

"It appears that the animals were the victims of a huge flood. Extremely powerful currents piled their multi-ton bodies in a stack, and the river sediments buried their bones."

What kind of flood could occur in what is now the Sahara Desert, that is capable of wiping out the dinosaurs?

National Geographic, which itself is a heavy promoter of Evolutionary teachings did not speculate.

It is odd that they are continually faced with such evidence of massive flood caused burials, yet they fail to see the obvious.

Or maybe they will not let themselves see it. For Africa and all the other continents were once ravished by the flood as described in the Bible. Indicating God?s right to judge His Creation. A fact many unbelievers will not accept.

How else would water cover what is now a desert so deeply as to drown a dinosaur - unless there was a flood as large as the one described in Genesis.

Were these dinosaurs trying to swim?

Here is a picture of a Sauropod dinosaur. This Dinosaur drowned, and his bones are permanently fossilized in what appears to be a swimming position.

Below is a picture of a Hadrosaur also fossilized in what may be a swimming position.

In 1878, 39 Iguanodon skeletons were found in a coal mine in Belgium. These were killed in a flood as is shown by the fish, crocodiles, and turtles buried with them.

What kind of flood can wipe out an entire herd of dinosaurs?
Only the Biblical flood in the days of Noah, the Noahic-Deluge.

Creationists agree that a flood like this would have had to be both recent and massive.

Does the Bible ever relate total devastation, and death of animals including dinosaurs, to the flood in the days of Noah? -Yes.

Psalm 74:13 speaks of the flood, and also of the sea dinosaur called Leviathan that was killed in it. Though at least some survived shortly after the flood as is evident from Gods description of it in the book of Job.

And some will remain alive up until God judges the Leviathan, as described in Isaiah 27:1. (for more info and to read this scripture, please see my page on Leviathan in my dinosaur index page)

Many of the dinosaurs died in the flood. But Noah also took two of each kind of dinosaur on the ark. So we know that many dinosaurs lived after the flood.

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Why save an animal that is going to go extinct anyway?

"Why would God go to all that trouble of keeping all animals alive through the flood and then allow Dinosaurs to become extinct? If dinosaurs still exist today, then they must have adapted... and that's evolution."
Kelly F. 10/3/01

God wanted to preserve all the animals for as long as he could that is why he gathered them to go on the Ark. Many animals and plants have gone extinct since then, not just dinosaurs. If dinosaurs are still alive they would have adapted to the post-flood climate and diet just like all the other animals did. But this is adaption - not evolution.

So what happened to the dinosaurs after they got off the ark?

I believe that many were hunted for food

Picture by Steve Cardno

Others were killed because they were a menace (How would you like a Brachiosaurus eating your garden?). And yet others died simply because the world after the flood was a harder place to live in.

Dinosaurs did not live and die before man was created. God made the dinosaurs to live peacefully with man.

Why did only dinosaurs go extinct after the flood?

"Why would just the dinosaurs have died off after the flood and not the lions, tigers, and bears etc?"

Dinosaurs are not the only animals that have died off after the flood. Many have been hunted to extinction, or degenerated to the point that they could no longer survive.

Dinosaurs are no different than every other animal that has gone extinct.

The only difference is in the stories people tell about when they died.

How dinosaurs became extinct is a mystery to many people

There are some people who think the question we should be asking is "Are dinosaurs extinct?"

An examination of claims that dinosaurs may still be alive is listed on the "Dinosaur Index" part of my page.

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