The Search for Noah's Ark

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The search for Noah's ark has been a perplexing one.

Does the ark still exist? Has it rotted away?

If it is still around has anyone ever seen it?

There are some that say "yes" and just as many who say "no".

This page will take a look at some of the claims.

Here are some pictures of what some people believe may be the ark. The fist one is a picture of the West side of Mount Ararat. The object believed to be the Ark is circled.

The picture on the left is of the North side of Mount Ararat.

Here is a picture from John Morris's book: “Noah’s Ark and the Ararat Adventure”. Dr. Morris is unsure of what the object is, but doubts it is the ark. Because he only took a picture, and was unable to approach or study the object, the mystery remains unsolved.

It is possible that one of the above sites could be where the ark is located. However there is one site that Dr. Ron Wyatt claims is the ark that I strongly disagree with. This site is discussed below.

Here is yet another site that some (like Ron Wyatt / Kent Hovind ect) claim is the remains of Noah's ark. Others, (myself included) disagree.

This particular site is not the ark, but a natural rock formation.

For evidence that this is not the ark Click HERE

The bible says the ark landed on the "mountains" of Ararat, not on Mount Ararat itself. This is a much larger area.

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