Photo Credits

I have utilized many existing pictures for my site.

Please keep in mind that the view points at "Jesus, Dinosaurs and More" are my own beliefs. And may not be shared by the artists.

I would like to thank Dan Lietha of "Answers in Genesis" for use of the following pictures.
/cutbible.jpg, didgoduse.jpg, day6.jpg, kjv1611.jpg, paluxycartoon.jpg,

I have many more of Dans Great artwork on my site. I will list these soon (I am currently renaming many of my images).

The Pictures on the "Noah's Ark" page are taken from: ark1.jpg, arkmountain1.jpg, ark mountain2.jpg, Are from M.Kneisler

arkHarris.jpg is from David Harris

I can't thank these people enough for their hard work

If you have any questions on Creation, Evolution, or just want to say "Hi" please feel free to email me.

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