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For over 2 hundred years there have been reports of a living dinosaur in Africa. This creature, which the natives call "Mokele-Mbembe" is believed to be a sauropod type of dinosaur.

Sauropod means "Lizard-Footed" dinosaur. Sauropods are four-legged, herbivorous dinosaurs

These incidents were reported long before the word "dinosaur" was coined, and long before anyone (in this century) knew they existed. If Mokele-Mbembe is a living dinosaur, then it makes the claim of total dinosaur extinction unfounded.

The Congolese people are very familiar with the aquatic dinosaur living in the Likoula swamp region. They call this Apatosaurus-like creature "Mokele-Mbembe" which means: "one who stops the flow of rivers".

From the size of this awesome beast this name is sure fitting!

They believe this animal (which they greatly fear) is sacred.
This belief is due to the illness and death of many in the pygmy tribe after one was killed with a spear and eaten by the people.

Of course, the deaths and illness were probably more likely due to spoilage of its meat. An animal this large could have been eaten for several weeks.

"Persistent reports of strange creatures in remote, swampy jungles of western Africa has led two scientists to believe that dinosaurs still may walk the Earth. Both historical reports from Westerners and firsthand accounts from natives indicate dinosaur-like creatures may exist today in a virtually unexplored jungle in the People’s Republic of the Congo, the researchers said yesterday. Dr. Roy Mackal, a research associate at the University of Chicago, said he believes the animals may be elephant-sized dinosaurs...

"In an article in Science magazine, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the researchers say natives call the creature 'Mokele-Mbembe.'

"The researchers say they believe it actually may be a dinosaur that looks like a smaller version of the brontosaurus, a giant plant-eater that died out 70 million years ago. Natives shown pictures of many kinds of animals picked illustrations of the brontosaurus as most closely resembling the creatures they say they saw, Mackal said."
Source: Warren E. Leary "Dinosaurs May Inhabit Remote Jungle." San Diego Union Tribune, Oct 18, 1980 (Washington date Line).(as quoted in "That their words may be used against them" by Henry Morris, pg. 258)

Roy Mackal, an American Biochemist (and evolutionist) has headed several expeditions since 1980 to the Likouala swamp. Mackal has collected numerous eyewitness accounts from the Congo natives. Many live in different locations, yet their descriptions of the creature are the same despite lack of communication with each other.

Descriptions of the dinosaurs physical appearance and behavioral traits are consistent with each other.

Marcellin Agnagna a Congolese Biologist saw the creature in 1983.
He has no doubt that what he saw was a living dinosaur.

Roy Mackal believes the creature exists, but is unsure how the dinosaur could have survived for "millions of years".

He says:

"I admit that my own views are tinged with romanticism, but certainly not to the extent that I would endure extreme hardship, even risk my own life to pursue a dream with no basis in reality."

He is saying here that if the evidence didn't firmly support the idea, then he would not subject himself to the heat, dampness, the threat of gorillas and snakes, or the ridicule from his coworkers.

Mokele-Mbembe is most often seen eating the lush vegetation along the riverbanks.

A Congolese Army Officer even reports coming as close as 30 feet to the dinosaur.

The swamp region is in part of the Peoples Republic of the Congo. The forest and swamp area where Mokele-Mbembe lives is so heavily wooded that humans rarely penetrate its borders.

Mokele-Mbembe was featured in Ripley's Believe it or not in 1992.

Drums Along the Congo

Rory Nugent has written a great book about Mokele-Mbembe called "Drums Along the Congo: On the Trail of Mokele-Mbembe, the Last Living Dinosaur" (Houghton Mifflin June 1, 1993, ISBN: 0395670713). The book is currently out of print, but will be rereleased in 2006. You can find it used online (ebay and

Nugent spotted the dinosaur but was ordered at gunpoint (by the natives) not to approach it. They view the creature as a god, that you can not approach, but if he chooses this "god" can approach you.

I am often asked: "If this creature exists, then why doesn't someone just go over there and get it?" or "Why doesn’t someone take its picture?"

And those are good questions.

But catching the creature is not that simple. First, there is currently a Civil War going on there, making traveling permits almost impossible to obtain.

And second, it is often hard for them to find animals they know are living there. For instance the lowland gorillas are equally elusive, yet no one denies their existence.

Many more expeditions are planned for the very near future.

Mokele-Mbembe sighting from a reader

A reader sent me this letter of a sighting he had:

"I am writing in regard to the Mokele-mbembe creature. Just the other day I was taking to my friend about some strange sightings that I saw when I used to live in Africa when I was a kid and in turn my mate seem very surprised and emailed me your link. when I clicked on the link I couldn’t believe what I saw, the same creature that I saw in Tanzania. I used to live in dar-es-salaam in the mid eighties, our house was by a swamp. I was about 5 at that time, I remember it being the late eve and was in our garden. I remember looking toward the area were the swamp was and remember seeing Mokele-mbembe. I could not believe my eyes, it looked exactly like the pictures in your site. Being so young I thought it was strange but after a while i simply forgot about until now.

It's really amazing to come across people who have been researching it."
Nana Dankwa 23 Jul 2004

I will keep you posted on future expeditions and sightings.

There is also a similar creature called "Emela-ntouka" future updates of this page will discuss this mysterious creature.


There is also a creature living in Lake Champlain. Believed by many to be a dinosaur, this animal has been nicknamed "Champ".

Sandi Mansi took this photo of Champ (Lake Champlain monster). Future updates to this page will discuss "Champ" in more detail.

To capture this creature, or find the body of one would do much to embarrass those who authoritatively say that dinosaurs died "millions of years ago".

Perhaps God has such an event planned, to shake the foundations of those professing to be wise.

Scripture says:
"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools"

I recently received an email From Bill Gibbons who has studied Mokele-mbembe in depth. he said:
"I have conducted four expeditions to Equatorial Africa in search of Mokele-mbembe. These were in 1985/6, 1992, 200 & 2001. I recently returned from my fourth expedition, which was filmed for the Discovery Channel.

You also mention that Roy Mackal has led several expeditions to the Congo since 1980. His expeditions were in 1979 and 1981. Many websites that mention Mokele-mbembe do not mention me, because I am a creationist."

Keep up the good work!

It is unfortunate but true that Creationists who do excellent research are often not given credit just because of their religious beliefs.

If you have any questions about Creation, Evolution or Dinosaurs please email me and let me know. I am always glad to answer any questions you might have.

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