Can you trust the information on my page?

Hi there.. Thanks for checking out my webpage. I hope it has been a blessing to you.

I present the information on my page as being truthful, and accurate.

Some good advice: Please do not believe anything that anyone says about the Bible, if you can not find it in the Bible yourself.

I believe that my page is Biblical and present it in good faith that it is the Word of God.

However, The responsibility is yours.

Look up these things in your Bible yourself.
You will be glad you did.

Not only will God show you the truth about his word, but He will show you His love and His will for your life.

Acts 17:11

"...and they examined the scriptures daily to see if what Paul said was true."

Notice this verse didn't say that they checked the scriptures "once in a while". They did this on a daily basis. How many of us are that committed to the integrity of the scripture?

If you disagree with anything on my page, please let me know, and if possible give me reasons why.

If I am wrong about something I will make any necessary corrections.

If you have any questions about Creation, Evolution or Dinosaurs please email me and let me know. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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