Pterosaurs in the Bible

Sauropods and Plesiosaurs are not the only dinosaurs / reptiles mentioned in Scripture.

Isaiah 30:6 tells of a flying reptile like the pteranodon or Rhamphorhynchus.

Isaiah 30:6 (King James Version)

"The burden of the beast of the south: into the land of trouble and anguish, from whence come the young and old lion, the viper and fiery flying serpent..."

What is a flying serpent? - The only known reptiles with the ability to fly are the Pterosaurs. In this verse we see them described as living alongside the other animals. The flying serpents are used in the text with other animals we readily recognize. They are not set apart in any way as to conclude they are fictitious. In fact, the verse continues and speaks of men carrying their riches "upon the bunches of camels". This makes it clear that these flying dinosaurs lived alongside mammals, and man.

God created flying creatures such as birds and pterosaurs on the fifth day of Creation. Man and other mammals were created on the 6th day.

This creature in Isaiah is described as a "fiery flying serpent".

The description of them as being "fiery" may be in reference to their color, or as some have suggested a burning sensation left from one of their bites.

Personally I think it may actually have been bioluminescent, this is particularly true of the "Ropen" (see below).

"Emission of visible light by living organisms such as the firefly and various fish, fungi, and bacteria."

Did Pterosaurs live with man?

According to the Bible, they were created on the 5th day with the fish and the birds. If this were true, we would expect to find some stories of them living with man.

Guess what we find?

Accounts of Pterosaurs living alongside humans are recorded all throughout history.

Herodotus, the Greek historian wrote about "winged serpents" living in Arabia in the 5th century Before Christ. ("The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible" by Paul S. Taylor)

Reports of Pterosaurs still alive are recorded in Ethiopia, India and the jungles of Africa. Some of the flying dinosaurs are said be nocturnal, and have a phosphorescent quality about them. These could be the fiery flying serpents described in the book of Isaiah.

A flying reptile the Natives call "Kongamato" is often seen in the jungles of South Africa. Still alive today, and unchanged by Evolution.

There are many different flying reptiles. The Pteranodon which means: "winged-without teeth" is one of the most common. There is also one called "Rhamphorhynchus".

The Ropen

Here is a letter that I recieved from Paul G. Nation on January 18, 2002

"I just wanted to add to your thoughts about the fiery flying serpent. You see I have been to Papua New Guinea looking for the Dewas - Ropen creature. What I wanted to say is as I told with many eyewitness of this pterosaur type creature an interesting obsevation by the nationals was made consistently. This creature can generate it's own bioluminence. In short it glows! On eyewitness described the glow as " when an iron is pulled from the fire" People always said it was burnt red glow to a bright orange. This "glow" is what really terrifies them when they see this creature at night. They also describe it as haveing a long beak with teeth and a long "snake like tail" Makes you wonder what they are seeing. I am trying to return and search for this creatue in April the Lord willing will try to keep you informed."

Pterosaur sighting

Here is a pterosaur sighting I recieved recently:

"It was around 9am on a Sunday morning in Oct. of 2005. I was in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I was coming to preach at a church out in the country (the same church I will soon be the church plant pastor of). This had been my first visit there to preach.

There were many times in the trip that I slowed down because I wasn't sure I was still on the correct road or didn't want to pass the church (i.e., blink and you miss it). At one of those times I happen to notice a creature in the sky. Having no one behind me I took a moment to slow the car down and take a look at it. To my estimation it appeared to have no feathers. It was a leathery grayish color. The beak seemed to protrude from its face not like a separate part of the head, but looking to be the same color, etc. It's wings did not look like bird wings, but also appeared leathery and bat-like (I have seen actual bats in caves and zoos). The kicker, for me, was the tail: longer than most bird tails I am used to, no feathers, and with a diamond-shaped point at the end.

I know how people can have a stigma about persons who have stories like mine, so I have been careful not to tell many people. I also have made it a point to look at the birds in Mount Vernon, Ohio. They are larger--many of the them--than in the lower central and southern areas of Ohio where I lived before, or grew up. However, all of the others birds I have seen have clearly had feathers on the body, wings, and tails, with beaks that look different from the rest of their facial make up (and certainly none with a diamond-shape point at the end of a long tail or bat-like wings)."

God bless you,

Mark 3/06

I am not very good at judging the size of animals in the air. I will say this, he was high up and yet I could tell everything about him/her that I told you. Easily larger than a bald eagle.

Possible pterosaur sighting

Dear Jesus,dinosaurs and more,
My name is Phillip O'Donnell. We live in Oregon. I really enjoy this website. The info about living dinosaurs is great! I just thought that you might like to know that in 2003 my brother and I saw a strange bird. It was perched in a tree for about 1 minute. It was about three feet tall with a white chest and black spots. I looked at through the binoculars and so did my brother. It had a horn-like thing protruding out of the back of it's head that was pointing upwards and was not like a heron's tuff of hair. As it flew away we guessed the wingspan to be about 9 feet.

I have seen many Great Blue Herons and I enjoy to watch them, but this bird was different. The wings were long and pointy. It returned the next year and we saw it in the same field. The sighting only lasted about 5 seconds. We briefly saw a long and very large pair of wings that had red streaks on them. They were also very bright like a mirror reflecting on sunlight. I have recently talked on the phone with Charlie Knight in Washington. He said that when he was a boy, he saw two pterosaurs that had a horn on back of their head.

Here is my sketch. Please note that the body is not the right size compared to the head.


The Thunderbird

The Sioux Indians have long told the story of the huge "thunderbird". They gave it this nickname because this flying reptile was hit by lightning and fell from the sky during a thunderstorm.

They searched for this creature and when they found it they described it as having wings almost 20 foot across. It had a long sharp bill and a large bony knob-like protrusion on the back of its head.

There are no birds that fit this description. The similarity between the "thunderbird" and the pteranodon is striking. Flying dinosaurs like the pteranodon have been found fossilized with a wingspan of 23 feet!

Pteranodon also have a large bony crest jotting off of the backs of their heads. Just as the Indians described.

I believe the creature the Indians saw was a pteranodon. A creature that many people have mistakenly thought to have gone extinct long ago.

The Indians have made many paintings and carvings of this dinosaur with accuracy that can only come from seeing the creature first hand.

I will be adding pictures of these carvings and paintings soon!

They have also found perfect pictographs of a pterodactyl in Utah. About 200 years ago, the Fremont Indians drew these. This was at a time when pterodactyl fossils had not yet been discovered.

Pictographs always show the dinosaurs "fleshed out", living creatures. They are not drawings of bones or dead animals. These pictographs accurately show what many of these dinosaurs looked like. When many scholars debate on what a dinosaur looked like, they should close their books and listen to the eyewitnesses.

When dinosaurs are shown in pictographs they are usually shown interacting with man.

Dinosaur petroglyphs were also found in the area of the Natural Bridges Monument. The Anasazis drew these dinosaurs in perfect detail. They were covered and protected by an accumulation of what is known as "desert varnish". This is a coating formed naturally by pollens and various components of desert air. - This coverage can not be duplicated by artificial means which rules out the possibility of a hoax or fraud.

These drawings on the cliff wall are dinosaurs we know today by the name "Tenontosaurus", a sauropod much like the long necked Apatosaurus.

The idea of pterosaurs living in caves is also supported by an account recorded in David Untred's book: "Dinosaurs and the Bible"

This eyewitness account tells of workmen digging a railroad tunnel in France in 1856. These men were using gunpowder to remove a large boulder. After the dust from the explosion settled, the men found a large bat-like creature out of the cave.

The creature was barely alive, and described as being black and shiny. It had a long neck and a beak like mouth filled with sharp teeth.

On being exposed to the light the creature shrieked and beat its wings. Its wings were measured giving a wingspan of 9 feet!

The helpless creature soon died. Upon being examined by a Scientist, the animal was determined to be a pterosaur. ("Dinosaurs and the Bible" by David Untred)

(*Please note that the above information should not be taken as a fact without having pictures, or the specimen to analyze)

There is another account of a living Pterosaur from April of 1890.
This time the eyewitness were two men riding horses across the hot Arizona desert (just outside of Tombstone). They noticed a large flying reptile with a six foot wing span and long slender body. As it was about to land the men shot and killed the creature.

Knowing this was a significant find, the men are said to have cut off part of the wing and brought it back to town with them.

In his book "Dinosaurs by Design" Duane Gish speaks of the above pterosaur and believes it is a Quetzalcoatlus (ket-sol-ko-AT-lus). He bases this on the fossil Quetzalcoatlus found in 1972 at Big Bend National Park, Texas. This confirms they did indeed live in the general area.

With a 48-foot wingspan the Quetzalcoatlus is the largest flying creature ever found.

It is possible for a pterosaur to survive for 6,000 years from the creation of the earth, and the fall of man. But with the climate changes and loss of atmospheric pressure they would not likely grow to be as large as they once were.

The recent existence of pterosaurs is much harder to believe if you've been brainwashed into believing that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

But if you believe the Biblical account of Creation, then these creatures did live alongside man and their survival makes perfect sense.

Bill Cooper has an excellent book called "After the flood"
This book traces the post flood history of Europe back to the descendants of Noah. Bill Cooper tells of many pterosaur encounters that were a common feature in Welsh life, even as late as the beginning of this century.

A colony of these winged serpents lived in the woods nearby Penllin Castle, Glamorgan. Eyewitnesses describe them as very beautiful. Their bodies were covered with bright colors as if "covered in jewels".

In 1793 the flying serpents were included in official Government reports. These were not the creatures of fairy tales or fables, but real live breathing creatures.

They, along with their behavioral traits and migrating patterns were so familiar to the people that they predicted the weather based upon their migration patterns.

Pterodactyls have extremely fragile wings. They would easily be damaged in high winds. Consequently, they were often seen fleeing prior to bad weather coming off of the Atlantic. Such reports span the years 793 to 1532 AD

This was one thousand and seven years before present day Americans knew these creatures even existed, let alone had reached near extinction.

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