From Brian B.
I have to admit, although i do believe in evolution (to some extent) I found your work to be far superior to any other creationist works that i have found. Everything is well-researched well documented and put very matter-of-fact and as un-biased as possible given our topic at hand. This is what makes "controversial" topics worth discussing.

Review from 23 Feb 2002
My name is Colby G. I am a die hard evolutionist and a nearly die hard atheist. And although I disagree with you, I have to say that you are bar none, the most levelheaded, clearminded, and informed creationist I have ever encountered. For the first time, I know of one who I cannot refer to as a "wacko", all others I have seen express a clear hatred of all evolutionists, are extremely poorly informed, and tend to ramble about irrelevant details. Keep up the good work.

What I like is the critical way in which you challenge evolution but also arguments of the creationists. What we need is honesty in research (something which "mainstream" researchers are frequently lacking).
Martin Feichtinger

I very much enjoyed your ideas. I was particularly interested in your thoughts about the degeneration of originally complex apes. It is a logical supposition.
A. G. Kingman


I appreciate that your work is respectful to both sides of the issue while being firm in your own stance. Your reliance on evidence and logic are refreshing. Very well-thought-out and thought-provoking.


"An absolute eye opener."
Paul R.


Your work really changed the way I looked at the world and makes me examine the things I have been tought. Keep up the good work!

Michael H. 16 years old, 17 Dec 2002


"I was very impressed with your search for the truth.I applaud your efforts to clear up faulty research done by other creationists.It cannot but help your fellow believers, and those who disagree must concede you do not blindly believe what you hope to be true."
From Mark M. 9/03


I am a pastor, and many of these questions come up. Thank you for your hard work, many will benefit from it.
In Christ, Walt


Thanks a lot for your website. It has really opened my eyes to a lot of things I haven't understood before or was in doubt about. I also had a few theories about creation that I thought could be true but I never was certain about it. I can't say that I've never thought about evolution being used by God (to evolve dinosaurs to the animals of today) but now I can say that will never be true. God only gave us a glimpse of how he created the universe in the Bible. Thanks to your website I got to understand God's creation much better and that the only truth comes from the word of God and not from any human that He created...
Thanks for putting my mind at ease
God bless Heino Shepperson