The Evolution of the Horse

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Many science classes around the world teach that small cat sized animals have evolved into the horses we have today. But there is no scientific evidence to support this. Horses have not evolved, they were created by God on Day 6.

Many Museums have displays showing "how" the horse evolved.

There is only one problem with this.

None of it is true.

The Evolution of the Horse as commonly shown in many textbooks was proven wrong over 40 years ago. But today it is still in many High school and grade school textbooks.

Why? It should not take this long to have erroneous material removed or updated. There are some people who still believe that the horse has evolved. Some have ignored the evidence to the contrary, or simply haven't read it at all. Others have never been told the truth, and believe this error as no fault of their own. But some are either unaware of the evidence or are willingly ignorant (as the bible says) and ignore it.

The horse has not evolved. And here's the evidence.


- The "Hyracotherium" was first found in Europe. It was then renamed "Eohippus" and used as evidence for evolution. The Eohippus had 4 toes on his front feet, and 3 toes on his hind feet ("modern" horses only have one toe ).

This among other false examples were used to show how the horse progressed in size, and decreased in toes.

It is very difficult to find even the most basic information about the anatomy of these horses. It is hard to find what bones were found of each specimen. There are not thousands of complete skeletons documenting these “transitions”. Some of these horses are very incomplete.

Did the horses coexist?

The smallest horses are not older than the bigger horses (as evolution would require). But they are arranged in textbooks in such a way that you would believe they were.

Evolutionists believe that the smaller horses evolved into the bigger ones. But the dating method they use ( strata layer based on the geologic column ) contradicts their own beliefs. Not only this, but Peter Hastie claims that sometimes 2 of the alleged progressive forms were buried together. Meaning that they lived at the same time, and could not be ancestral to the other (they should be separated by millions of years)

"If it were true, you would expect to find the earliest horse fossils in the lowest rock strata. But you don't. In fact, bones of the supposed "earliest" horses have been found at or near the surface. Sometimes they are found right next to modern horse fossils!"
(quote from: "What's Happened to the Horse?" by Peter Hastie First published in: Creation 17(4):14-16 Sept.-Nov. 1995)

Updates to this page will examine whether Hastie's claims are true.

Number of ribs

The number of ribs is also used to "prove" evolution of the horse. But in truth, the number of ribs fluctuate between the species. Not progress or regress.

This is true of fossil horses and the horses we have today.

Comment from a reader:
"Even modern horses do not always have 18 pairs of ribs. 17 pairs is one of the benchmarks of the Arabian breed as a whole. 19 pairs is not unknown. Using that as evidence against a fossil record with varying rib counts is not logical."
Kathy S. 11/17/01

My response:
That is exactly my point. It is not right for the evolutionist to use the varying number of ribs as evidence for one horse being more highly evolved than another - if the number of ribs vary today.


- Another piece of "evidence" the Evolutionist uses is the fossilized remains of the "Hipparion". They say this is the first of the 3 toed horses.

They said that the "Hipparion" has been extinct for millions of years.
Some people believe that it is still alive today.

Crypto zoologists found an animal that some believe is the Hipparion - in 1903. This animal is the "Okapi".
(* "Okapi-Johnstoni" after the British explorer Sir Henry Johnston)

The Okapi now lives only in the northeastern rainforests of Zaire in central Africa. It grows up to 5 or 6 feet tall, has a length of aprox 6ft, and weighs 465-550 pounds.

The okapi is not a horse (or relative of the horse) at all. It is a relative of the giraffe.

Unlike the 3 toed Hipparion, the Okapi has only 2 toes. Could this be a loss of genetic information? i.e.: part of the Curse? Or are these animals unrelated?

We will need to study the anatomy of the Hipparion in more detail to determine if it is indeed the okapi.

If the Okapi is a degenerated form of the Hipparion, then it would be powerful evidence against evolution.

The horse has not evolved. And now many Scientists who have studied the fossil record will tell you that they don't have any evidence that the horse has evolved.

In fact, they will tell you that the fossils they once used to show how horses had evolved are not "missing links" at all. As is shown in the following quote from Prof. Heribert Nilsson who is himself an Evolutionist.

"The family tree of the horse is beautiful and continuous only in the textbooks. In the reality provided by the results of research it is put together from three parts, of which only the last can be described as including horses. The forms of the first part are just as much little horses as the present day damons are horses. The construction of the whole Cenozoic family tree of the horse is therefore a very artificial one, since it is put together from non-equivalent parts, and cannot therefore be a continuous transformation series".

(taken from the Revised quote book quote #55)

Now keep in mind that this was said way back in 1954. But the Evolution of the horse is still being taught as fact in schools today. The same incorrect information is being presented to children and many of them are believing what they are told (which they assume is safe to do).

Once upheld as one of the "Greatest Scientific Proofs of Evolution", the "Evolution" of the Horse, is now an embarrassment to the Theory of Evolution.

The horse like all animals was created perfect, and was probably more complex in the beginning (in the Garden of Eden) than it is today - due to degeneration.

This is consistent with the biblical account of Creation - and De-volution (getting worse instead of better) not evolution.

Loss of information

Fossil horses have splint bones that were useful to them. Now they are shriveled and useless. This is not evolution. This is a loss of complexity just as we would expect. Horses and every other animal have degenerated from the time God created them perfect to the present time in which they are cursed.

There is a new book out called "Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why much of what we teach about evolution is wrong" by Jonathan Wells, Regnery Publishing, Inc, 2000, pg ) that has some good info on the horse. i will be updating soon.

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