The Big Bang and the Bible

Another Theory of how the world came to be is through a process starting with a "Big Bang".

The Big Bang is a theory that sounds impressive on the surface, but simply does not hold up to extensive examination.

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Here is how the Big Bang is often presented:

Somewhere between 18 and 20 billion years ago, all of the matter in the universe was compressed into a tiny space no larger than the dot on a page. This dot spun faster and faster until it exploded, thus creating the Universe and everything in it.

There are many problems with this theory. And the theory itself still does not answer many important questions - Such as where did all the matter in the universe come from?

If all the matter in the universe was compressed into a small dot, what caused this to happen? Where did gravity come from that held it together?

If this "dot" spun rapidly until it exploded., then where did the energy come from to start the spinning?

Also, in an environment without friction you would have this spinning dot going so fast it would then explode. If this happened, then all of the particles and matter being expelled from this "spinning dot" would all have to spin in the same direction as the dot they exploded from.

This is a known law of science, which those who believe in Evolution cannot do away with. It is known as the Conservation of angular momentum.

This matter which is said to have created the planets would all need to spin in the same direction as the object it came from.

So therefore, all of the planets should be spinning in the same direction.

However two of them are not. Venus and Uranus spin backwards.

Some planets even have moons that not only spin backwards, but travel backward around their planets.

The Big Bang theory also ignores the First law of Thermodynamics, which says:
"matter cannot be created or destroyed"

Those who believe in the Big Bang theory are also either unaware of, or ignore the "Second Law of Thermodynamics" which says:
"Everything tends towards disorder"

So rather than the chaos (big bang) becoming ordered (our universe), just the opposite would be true.. And it is. Our complex universe is wearing down, and becoming more chaotic...

Paul was aware of this when he wrote his letter to the Hebrews:
Everything ".. waxes old like a garment" (quoted in both Psalm 102:25-27, and also Hebrews 1:10-12).

"This verse "anticipates the famous second law of thermodynamics, or law of entropy, indicating that everything in the physical universe is growing old and wearing out. God created everything in the beginning, winding it up like a great clock, so to speak. Because of sin and the curse, however, it has been running down and "perishing" ever since. Jesus also said: "Heaven and earth shall pass away" (literally, "are passing away") (Matthew 24:35)" - Waxing Old, like a Garment by Henry Morris, Ph.D.

Things wear down. Nothing gets better by itself.

If I told you that thousands of pieces of timber were set in motion by a tornado in a lumberyard and this ultimately resulted in the amazing design and complexity of the house you live in, you would think this was absurd to say the very least.

Yet in essence this is what the Big Bang theory teaches.

Now I know that anyone with kids might say that a tornado ripped through their room - but the tornado did not create their room. It only created the mess that is throughout the room. Will the mess ever get cleaned up? Yes, but it will not cleaned up by itself.

Even if millions of years of tornados did somehow randomly land in a complex pattern thus assembling your room, this would still not explain where the trees came from that were made into the lumber.

It would not explain who planted, or cut the trees, or even how the trees grew.

You see, such theories do not give an absolute answer of truth. They only serve to cause people to become distracted and lose sight of the larger picture of the Creator and who God is. Satan is a master of deception and distraction. He wants you to lose sight of Christ, and focus on impossible things.

The Big Bang theory also teaches that in another 80 to 100 billion years, all of the matter that makes up our Earth and solar system will become compressed again, drawing in on itself and fold up once again into a tiny dot.

A Big Bang is said to occur every 80 to 100 billion years.

If the Big Bang theory is true, then I sure hope Jesus comes back soon, otherwise we’re all going to get squished!

As absurd as the "Big Bang" theory is, it is widely accepted because the only other choice is a Divine Creator. And some people will believe the most ridiculous theory, rather than even entertaining the possibility that there could be a Creator.

As I see it, there are only 2 choices.
Either someone created the Earth,
or the Earth created itself..
(despite all the known Laws of Science saying it couldn't have happened this way).

Now there are those who say that maybe God used the "big bang" to create the world.

Well, God is God, and he can do anything he wants but scripture tells us that this is not how he created.

God’s creation was one of order, not random processes.

Those who try to reconcile the Big Bang with scripture do themselves and the Bible injustice. For the Creation account and the Big Bang differ greatly in the order of events. (If you do not see a chart below, then your browser does not support "tables")

Order of events in the Biblical account of Creation, compared to the order of events in the Big Bang theory.
Biblical Creation Big Bang
Earth was created before the stars Earth formed long after the stars
Plants were created a few hours before the sun. Plants formed after the sun formed
The sun was created on the fourth day after the earth The sun formed before the earth
The sun, moon and stars were created at the same time The sun formed from older stars

The best evidence against the Big Bang is the existence of Polonium Halos.

American physicist Robert V. Gentry's research shows that rocks known as Precambrian granites were created almost instantly as a part of the creation (as recorded in Genesis 1:1) and "are not the product of the evolution of the earth."

He says "the Big Bang version of primordial polonium is without any scientific basis."

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