Dinosaurs and the Bible?

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Are Dinosaurs in the Bible? You Bet They Are! Read this Page to find out where

There was no death of Man, animals or Dinosaurs before Sin entered the world

All animals (including dinosaurs) were originally created to be vegetarian. Why did this change? (sp c'd)

Are the Dragons described in the Bible actually Dinosaurs? (sp c'd)

Flying Pterosaurs in the Bible (sp c'd)

T-rex one of God's greatest creations

Leviathan - The Sea Dwelling Dinosaur mentioned in the Bible

The Paluxy River tracks Refuting the claim that human footprints were found with dinosaur footprints in Texas

Carvings of Dinosaurs in Bernifal cave

See why Dinosaurs could not have evolved into birds

What caused the Dinosaurs to become extinct? - Here's a Theory based on Science and on Scripture *sp c'd

Why did the Brontosaurus skeletons in museums have the wrong head on them for 96 years?

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Dinosaurs that may still be alive today

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Mokele-Mbembe - Is it a living dinosaur in Africa? And also Lake Champlains "Champ" believed to be a dinosaur

See Evidence that Dinosaurs have always lived at the Same Time as Man... and some small species may still be Alive Today

More accounts of man and dinosaurs living together (taken from the book "After the Flood" )

Could Plesiosaurs be living today?

The Zuiyo-maru carcass. Is it a Plesiosaur as some claim, or is it a Basking Shark?

Coming soon: "The Komodo Dragon"

If man lived with dinosaurs, wouldn't the dinosaurs eat them?

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