How long does it take for something to fossilize?

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We are often taught that it takes millions of years for an animal to fossilize.

This page will give examples demonstrating that this is not true. An animal will fossilize quite rapidly if it is buried under the right conditions.

Those who believe in evolution say that fossils form slowly (some say millions of years).

Those who believe in Creation (and the Bible) believe that most (but not all) fossils formed as a result of the flood spoken of in the book of Genesis.

"Genesis 6-9 records the details of Noah’s flood. This was a judgment on man’s wickedness. If there really was a global flood, billions of animals would be buried in mud that would turn into rock. In other words, most of the fossil deposits are actually a record of this judgment – NOT a record of millions of years."
("Did Adam have a belly button" pg. 133 by Ken Ham)

So how long does it take for something to fossilize?

"Just because something is 'fossilized' does not mean that it is millions (or even thousands) of years old. When the conditions and materials are right, a bone can become filled with minerals fairly quickly ... Researchers have found that chicken bones and wood can be replaced with minerals in just five to ten years"
-Alfred S. Romer (Alfred S. Romer writing in Natural History (October 1959, Vol.68, p.457)

When this page is updated, I will include pictures of animals that have fossilized in a relatively short period of time, and in the last few years.

There are also some odd things found embedded in rock, demonstrating that rock doesn’t take millions of years to form.

This boot and leg were found in a creek bed near the West Texas town of Iraan in the 1980's. The leg is said to be completely fossilized. The boot itself has remained intact.

Did it take millions of years for this to fossilize?
No, of course not.

The person wearing this boot lived just a few years ago. This boot was mineralized in just a few years time.

Here is a picture of a clock embedded in rock. Clocks have not been around for millions of years, so it is easy to see that fossils do not always take long periods of time to form.

There have been many other objects that were fossilized rapidly, and in the last few hundred years. Everything from barbed wire fences, to cats... I will be adding these, and more examples soon.

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