More Evidence that Dinosaurs and Man Co-existed !

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Evolutionists claim that Dinosaurs and Man have Never lived together. Just read this letter I received below:

From someone who calls themselves "the heathen scientist" (08/03/2001)
"Dinosaurs died roughly 64,000,000 years ago, and humans didn't totally evolve until roughly half a million years ago. There's a time difference of about 63,500,000 years there."

You can see from my page on carbon dating that there are many false assumptions in carbon dating. Paintings, carvings and eyewitness accounts (including Job's in the Bible) show that man and dinosaurs did live together. Therefore the alleged millions of years that are supposed to separate the 2 disappears.

The physical evidence * and historical accounts of "Dragons" also show that man and dinosaurs lived together.
(*rapid deposition of fossils due to a global catastrophe like a flood)

Have there ever been any human fossils found Cretaceous rock?

Yes and No.

Cretaceous rock is the layer of rock that many geologists say dinosaurs are found in. But they don't have any accurate way of telling how old a layer of rock is (see my page on Carbon dating). They say it is Cretaceous rock only because dinosaurs are in it.

So if a layer of rock has dinosaurs in it then they say it is 165 million years old.

If humans are in it they say it is about 1 million years old.

The circular reasoning doesn't even cross their minds.

So if humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs, but lived in different places, they would be fossilized in different places as well.

Evolutionists believe that Dinosaurs died millions of years ago. But there is a great amount of evidence that dinosaurs lived only a few thousand years ago.

One of these pieces of evidence is a blood report from a t-rex with intact hemoglobin. Hemoglobin breaks down rapidly and could not last millions of years.

I have had a few people email me trying to disprove this, but a more recent (2005) find shows not only dinosaur blood, but soft, fibrous tissue, and complete blood vessels!

There have also been a few dinosaur like creatures, and numerous other animals thought to be extinct) caught in recent years (please see my page on "living fossils").

These amazing finds have caused the Scientific community to seriously rethink what they believed about the dinosaurs.

If they had read their Bibles, they would have known all along that God created man at the same time as the dinosaurs.


Here is a Tanystropheus (pronounced TAN-ee-STRO-fee-us). Tanystropheus was a long-necked reptile.

These reptiles grew up to 3m (10ft) and are said to be from the Mid Triassic period. But here I present you with the possibility that it may have lived up until recent times (a few hundred years ago).

On May 13,1572 one may have been killed by a peasant farmer in Italy (pg 41 "The Great Dinosaur Mystery" by Paul Taylor ISBN 0-89636-264-7).

These reptiles have been found in Asia (Israel) and Europe (Germany, Switzerland).

The creatures body was taken to a local, but well known scientist named Ulysses Aldrovandus. A series of in depth pictures were drawn of the creatures body. It was then dissected, and more pictures of it were drawn.

A dinosaurs sighting in 1971
The following is an email I received on Saturday, 2 Sep 2000

"This year I bought a computer, got on the web and am enjoying the fruits of this "Information Age". Naturally, I've investigated sites which are of especial interest to myself...such as Pterosaurs. Why pterosaurs? Because in the summer of 1971 while stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, I saw 2 of them flying leisurely overhead at no more than 200 ft distance. I haven't had much success telling people about it - they're all believers of the lies of evolution, etc. Now with the internet I've seen some corroboration. When I wrote to National Geo. years ago they informed me that Pterosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. Shows what they know. The arrogance of people amazes me. They're in New York, I was in Cuba; but they feel confident telling me what I saw. I wish someone would shoot one or capture it alive and cram it down NatGeo's throat.

Thanks for the site,
Eskin Cuhn

(email used with permission)

Pterosaurs are flying reptiles (not technically dinosaurs) but a sighting of one is relevant to the subject at hand, as is the sighting of any creature that is thought to be extinct.

I can not personally verify the above sighting, as I was not there. But this is just one of thousands of sightings in the last few hundred years.

A Pterosaur sighting in 1977

Here is a sighting from a reader:

"Scott, Many Years ago around 1977 I was standing on the front porch of my mom's house. I heard a loud swooshing sound and I looked up. It was around 8:OO in the morning and a crystal clear day. The sun was to the east of me and I was facing south. I looked up and flying directly over me was a huge pterodactyl. My oldest son who was around 4 at the time saw it also. It was such a clear beautiful day and it was an awesome sight. I live in the Mojave Desert and there was absolutely nothing obstructing my view. I called for my mom to come out but by the time that she got there it was too far away for her to make it out. Of course everyone thought that I'd lost my mind and certainly no one believed me. It was a tannish color and had wings like a bat. I would say that it's wing span was approximately 14 feet. It was flying (at a guess) about as high as 1 1/2 telephone poles. It was quite large. The thing that puzzled me was after seeing pictures in books, these birds don't seem to have a tail but this one had what appeared to be a long bony type tail behind it. Around 10 years later I heard a story of someone being on the El Mirage dry lake and seeing the same thing. Of course, no one believes them either. I wasn't crazy and I know what I saw and I loved it. It was great and I'd like to see it again but this time holding a camera in my hand. The other day I was telling the story to my friend and you could tell that she was waiting to hear the punch line. Anyway, I decided then to go online and see if anyone else has seen it. I was thrilled when I found your website. I seem to recall some years ago, a small article in the paper stating that one had been seen in Louisiana. Oh well. Happy dinosaur hunting!"
email received from Dayma, Oct 16 2004

Another Pterosaur sighting

Hi Scott, I live in Bristol RI and I saw a pterodactyl the second week of October 3 years ago. I was on the deck of my house at about 10:00 having a cigarette. I heard a sound coming from my right hand side, and I looked up. It was a pterodactyl. I got a good look at it. There is a row of cedar trees along my back yard, about 20 feet high. He or she flew above these trees circled my house, and kept circling the house. By the 6th time I was scared. I went to get my husband that was asleep and he waited with me outside for a few minutes, and we didn't see it, nor did he believe me. I have read about other descriptions of these things, but there is one thing I find to be different. This one has small legs underneath that didn't seem to be in proportion to the rest of the body. My guess to the width of it to be about 15 feet. Please let me know of any other sightings that you have heard of. Paula (9 Sep 2004)

Here is another email I received (I only post email from people who have given me permission to do so)

"I thought you might be interested personally in this information. I am a missionary and for years ministered in the jungle areas of Nigeria. The pastors knowing that I like animals told me about a huge long necked beast that lived in the swampy areas a bit deeper in the jungle than we were. They described it as "dragon like." This area of Nigeria was very near the Cameroon border."
email received on Monday, 18 Dec 2000

I received a second email from Ruth on December 20, 2000

"The creature that the pastors described to me in their descriptive detailed dialogue sounded to me like a small brontosaurs type dinosaur; long neck, small head, big body. They also said that the creature seemed to be very good at hiding in the dense jungle when people were near, but if cornered it could become dangerous.

I believe that dinosaurs have always lived with man. But after the flood in the days of Noah many died out. The world was a much more brutal place to live. Vegetation was no longer in great abundance. People also killed dinosaurs because they were a nuisance. How would you like a Triceratops in your garden?

I have received several email that said that man and dinosaurs could not have lived together because the dinosaurs would have killed the people.

"How could humans co-exist with dinosaurs without being squished or eaten?"
from Nikki (04/28/2000)

Dinosaurs were created to live with man peacefully. It is only after Adam sinned that they began to degenerate, and grow long sharp teeth, etc.

Also lets apply this same logic to today’s animals. It is just as silly to say that man and bears never lived together... because the bears would kill the people.

In actuality, when you put man and animals together, it is usually the animal that loses the fight. And are being pushed to the point of extinction.

Just like many other wild animals they avoid people or leave because of deforestation etc. Some animals alive today are chased so far back into the woods that they are rarely seen.

"I am not at all convinced it has been proven that the dinosaurs became extinct prior to the advent of man. I believe there is much evidence, ancient and modern, to indicate that dinosaurs and human kind existed on earth contemporaneously, and that human beings, while they probably lived in different regions than dinosaurs for the most part, did on many occasions encounter the sometimes huge and fearsome creatures. The memories of these encounters were so vivid and deep that they were passed down in a multitude of cultures as legends, painted on cave walls, represented in pottery, and written of in literature"
Quote from Francis Schaeffer (a well known Christian Historian)

The idea of man and dinosaurs living together sounds crazy only if you've been brainwashed into thinking the earth is billions of years old. If the world is as young as the bible says it is (about six thousand years old), then man living with dinosaurs makes perfect sense.

Though most are now gone, I believe that some small species of dinosaurs may still alive today in remote parts of the world. For more information on this check out my page on "Mokele Mmbembe", a dinosaur often seen in the Congo swamp of Africa (*this page is found in the "Dinosaur Index" of my site).

If you have any questions on Creation, Evolution, or just want to say "Hi" please feel free to email me.

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