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This page is under construction... but will contain pictures for you to print and color.

It will also contain a page on dinosaurs in the bible, and evidence that we did not evolve from apes that is shorter and easier to understand that the adult versions.

Until then, here are some fun things for you to do.

Draw a Dinosaur: Triceratops
God made dinosaurs to live with humans.
Dinosaurs used to be called dragons.
Dragons are mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible
A dinosaur called "Behemoth" is described in the Bible in the book of "Job" chapter 40 verse 15
The Behemoth is most likely an Apatosaurus.
The dinosaur seen here is a triceratops.

Click HERE for a picture to print and color

Match the animals on Noah's ark

In the picture below find the mate of each animal on Noah's ark to make a pair. Even dinosaurs like T-rex were on the ark.

But animals that live in the water like fish did not need to go on the ark with Noah. In this picture these animals do not have a match. (picture by Dan L. used with permission)

(picture by Dan L. used with permission)

Dinosaurs are in the Bible. Some are called dragons, but the biggest is called the "Behemoth". Here is a maze with the Behemoth.

(picture by Dan L. used with permission)

(picture by Dan L. used with permission)

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