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Azima's Misty Rose of Bastra

Azima Misty Rose (informally Miss T, then Slurpy), age 3 1/2 months,
at Barb's house. Photo by Sue Howland, dated 9/2/07.

Misty Rose, born 5/17/07, was special to Sue since she was a kitten, and Sue took lots of photos to show to her husband. Sue had called her "Miss T" because of the markings on her face, the lighter patches going across her forehead and down her nose, looking like a T. Barb didn't like that name, though, because it reminded her of Mr. T from the old television show A-Team. So Barb registered her with CFA as Misty Rose. Such a pretty name, yet Barb called her "Slurpy" because she developed a habit of sucking on Barb's ear lobe or nuzzling in her ear.

Misty Rose, at Barb's house. Photo by Sue Howland, dated 9/2/07.

Both Kit and Sue knew Slurpy from seeing her at Barb's home during several visits. She is unmistakable because of her distinctive markings and was thoroughly photo-documented by Sue as a kitten and into adulthood. Her birth is listed in Barb's kitten/breeding log. She has a CFA cat registration processed 3/21/08 and a listing on Barb's cattery report with the same information.

Slurpy, at Barb's house, above and below. Photos by Barb Azan, dated 12/16/07.

Slurpy, at Barb's house. Photo by Barb Azan, dated 4/5/08.

Slurpy is listed in Barb's breeding log as having given birth on 6/14/08 to the only brown patched tabby girl (see Classy Lady) and the only black smoke boy (see Jingle) in the house at the time of Barb's death.

June Edwards and Angela Varcsano, of Bastra cattery, graciously volunteered to pay for the gas for Kit to drive from her home in Ohio to Barb's house and deliver Slurpy to them in Michigan after Thanksgiving weekend. Below is a statement from June and Angela:

Slurpy with her new litter and a couple of freeloaders, born 11/2/09, at June and Angela's house.

Slurpy Identification Checklist:

  • People who knew this cat: Angela Manookian, Sue Howland, Kit Goodwin.
  • Listing on Barb's breeding log as kitten and dam.
  • Pedigree on Cat Manager in Barb's computer.
  • Registered with CFA by Barb on 03/21/08.
  • Photos taken by Barb match cat in home of new owners (June and Angela).
  • Photos taken by Sue, during visits.

  • Status: Breeding at Bastra.

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