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Angela's Affidavit

Below is an exact transcript of the affidavit which Ms. Angela Manookian wrote and notorized for presentation to CFA. Ms. Manookian prefers not to have her actual signature appear online, hence the use of this transcript. The original affidavit is one of two that were actually filed with CFA, and still exist in their records.

I, Angela Manookian, do declare that, as house keeper, personal caregiver, and very close personal friend of Barbera Azan, I on many occasions, had conversations with Barbera concerning what should happen in the event of her death.

Barbera's primary concern was for her cats. Barbera was one of the world's foremost Turkish angora breeders, she had bred Turkish angora's for most of her life. There was many of these cats in her home at the time of her death.

The months leading to her death Barbera made it especially clear what should happen should she pass. Repeatedly Barbera stated that Sue Ann Howland should gain custody of all cats in the house. Further more that Sue Ann should take on responsabilitys for the sales and breedings of these cats.

I know that Sue Ann was aware of Barbera's wishes and was learned on the identity of many cats in the house. Some of the newer cats and kittens are well known to me, and so I have passed my knowledge of these cats on to Sue Ann.

I know that the above statement is true, and I here by agree to this statement by signing my name.

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