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Azima's Crystal Legacy

Azima Crystal Legacy at Mansfield, Ohio, April 4, 2009, with Lois Jensen.
Photo by Sue Howland.

Azima Crystal Legacy at Mansfield, Ohio, April 4, 2009 with Donna Jean Thompson.
Photo by Sue Howland.

Kit and Sue hope Barb would like the name they gave Azima's Crystal Legacy, a kitten they now co-own. Crystal is the odd-eyed white daughter of Azima's Purrfect Blossom (see Blossom's page). Crystal was born as a litter of one, on 9/21/08, only one month before Barb entered the hospital for the last time. Barb had managed only to list her on her breeding log, with Azima's Diogenes as her sire and Blossom as her mom. That Blossom was her mother was obvious, as Crystal was still nursing at the time of Barb's passing.

Azima Crystal Legacy at Mansfield, Ohio, April 4, 2009.
Photo by Richard Katris, Chanan Photography, Mira Loma, CA.

Angela Manookian also confirmed the fact that Azima Diogenes (Doogie) was Crystal's father.

Kittens in Barb's House when she died:

  • Azima Camille - Cameo Tabby
  • Azima Purrfect Wonder - Silver Patched Tabby
  • Azima Classy Lady - Brown Patched Tabby
  • Azima Crystal Legacy - Odd-eyed White
  • Azima Flash Dancer - Tortie Smoke
  • Azima Purrfect Posy - Blue-eyed White
  • Azima Jingle - Black Smoke

  • Because she was such a young kitten, Crystal and her mom were among the very first cats Sue removed from Barb's house. At that time Crystal was still actively nursing Blossom, and today she is a thriving "young lady" in Sue and Ken's house. Crystal and KatzNjazz Love Walked In have competed in both CFA and TICA shows, and they have split for Best of Breeds and finals when they were shown together in Kitten class. We'll see how Crystal does in championship.

    Azima Crystal Legacy at home with Sue, 03-26-2009.
    Photo by Sue Howland.

    Crystal Identification Checklist:

  • People who knew this cat: Angela Manookian, Sue Howland, Kit Goodwin, Karen Delmont.
  • Listed on Barb's breeding log, as an OEW female
  • The only OEW kitten in the house when Barb passed.
  • Nursing her mother, Blossom, when Barb passed.
  • Too young for photos by Barb, who went to hospital when Crystal was approximately 4 weeks old.

  • Status: whole, a key element in Bizans' breeding program.

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