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"By the pricking of my thumbs... something 'Fishy' this way comes!"

The same detractors who invented all the aforementioned stories about us, and continued to pursue them for many years since, also focused on my inheritance of a male cat from my dear friend, Tani Scott. In this version of the slander, it was said that poor Tani - who died of cancer in 2006 and is not here to defend herself - had falsified the pedigrees of two litters of kittens.

These detractors knew I had inherited one of the kittens, and yet they said nothing about pedigrees for two full years. It was Barb's death and our efforts to carry out her instructions for her cats that awakened the claim that Tani falsified her last pedigrees. They erroneously stated that I had known the pedigree was false, and bred Tani's cat anyway. From their other allegations, it was obvious they hoped to stop any more Azima cats from competing in shows or from entering the gene pool. By suddenly changing their focus to my breeding this cat from Tani, they sought to discredit my ethics and, by extension, place doubt on the accuracy of the pedigrees of all of Barbara's last cats.

By casual observation, there were appearances that led our detractors to believe at least some of what they were saying. Tani had registered the two litters to a sire named Oscar Madison. Those who were advancing the rumor said Oscar was neutered at four months old and could not have been the father of Kitnhevn Little White Lies or Kitnhevn Joie de Vivre. Finally, it was said that the name "Little White Lies" was a sort of confession, encouraged by the fact that Tani called him "Fishface" or "Fishy".

I will not bother to argue many of the points of this rumor, except to display the evidence below, with little comment. I don't intend to dignify the accusations made by answering point by point.


  • GC Kitnhevn Joie de Vivre of Folie a Deux, DM, born 10-25-05
  • Kitnhevn Little White Lies of Antioch, born 12-29-05

    Please compare the birthdates of the two litters with the neuter date of their registered father. Oscar was born 06-20-2004. According to his records, he was neutered at the age of 18 months of age, not four.

    Tani almost always named her kittens for rose varieties, a tradition begun by Theress Fearrin of Abbyrose cattery. Names like "Fair Bianca" and "Adriana" were found by browsing the extensive website at and other rose horticultural websites. So how were the two litters registered to Oscar Madison named?

    Tani's Roses: (left to right) Little White Lies, a miniature rose for hanging baskets; Looks Like Fun, a variegated variety of rose; and Pandemonium, another variegated variety. These are the sources for all three names of the siblings in one of Tani's litters.

    In a previous litter registered to Oscar, we have GC Kitnhevn Joie de Vivre of Folie a Deux, DM. Here above is the rose after which she was named. Her siblings are "Blue Danube", "Callista", "Pacific Blue", and "String-of-Pearls". All of these are rose varieties as well!

    Although I did not believe this rumor, but I did perform my "due diligence" in checking it. This was complicated by the passing of two years from the death of my trusted friend. It took me two more years before I figured out where Oscar was neutered and received the invoice above. I knew Tani as an honest person. There was never any evidence, much less proof, of these accusations. My own evidence is information that Tani gave me directly before she died, and written records from her vet. Having done the investigation the best I can, I will no longer argue the point with anyone.

    Some readers who were aware of the detractors and the fight they caused in the Turkish Angora community may wonder why it has taken me so long to come forward with this page. I will begin by saying that you cannot begin to imagine the pain that this fight caused in my life. I have lost friends. While I have gained new friends, my place in the Turkish Angora community has changed. Events made it necessary to set this issue aside and focus on other difficult, painful, and more pressing aspects of my life.

    During this interval, I have experienced personal illnesses, injuries, and surgeries, as well as dealing with serious illnesses of several family members, and the deaths of my own father and two close family members. Now I am off work for the summer and my life seems to have reached a quieter moment. I decided to seize the opportunity to share this information. It will benefit those who work with the bloodlines affected by this blind pursuit of defamation and revenge by a handful of people.

    To those who know me well, trust me or have learned to trust me, and who have befriended me during this painful episode, please remember that I appreciate you and love you!

    Thank you to Fishy's new mom for giving him a wonderful home.

    I dedicate this page in fond memory of my friend, Tani Scott.

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