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Azima's Gilda of Mavi Magic

Gilda at Barb's at age 6 months. Photo by Barb Azan, dated 10/22/07.

Beautiful little Gilda was born 4/23/07, according to Barb's breeding log, and so was an adult when Barb passed, already having produced a litter of one kitten in May of 2008. Gilda was known to be a pretty, sweet little girl to several visitors at Barb's. There is no mistaking her with anyone else because of her distinctive black "eyeliner" and "beige" nose and feet.

Photos taken by Sue and Barb at Barb's house show her as a kitten and a mother. Besides identifications by Angela Manookian and Sue and photos by Barb, Gilda is listed in Barb's breeding log, her CFA registration was processed 2/14/08, and she is listed on Barb's cattery reports. At some point the previous year Barb had offered to sell Gilda to Kit, so photos of Gilda were emailed to Kit, so she knew who Gilda was, too.

Gilda at Barb's. Photo by Barb Azan, dated 1/18/08.

Probably because of Barb's extensive hospitalizations, Gilda had become a shy cat at Barb's house by the time she died, and Sue knew she should be in a home with few animals as soon as possible. Kit arranged for Gilda to be placed with Meghan Ingram, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This was an excellent choice because when Sue left Gilda at Meghan's house and was less than a mile on her way back home, Meghan called Sue's cell phone to say that Gilda was out from under the sofa and purring and loving on Meghan immediately. Meghan is a cat whisperer! Meghan's friends and even her mailman know that Gilda is not shy anymore!

Gilda was bred by Lord Byron at Sue's house (see link to Lord Byron's page below), and she produced four gorgeous little brown tabbies, including the stunning golden-brown classic girl, Mavi Magic Sara of Dschadis.

Gilda in the arms of her cat-whisperer owner, Meghan Ingram, in December 2008.

Gilda Identification Checklist:

  • People who knew this cat: Angela Manookian, Sue Howland, Karen Delmont, Kit Goodwin (partial knowlege).
  • Listing in breeding log by Barb.
  • Pedigree on Cat Manager in Barb's computer.
  • Litter registered with CFA by Barb.
  • Registered with CFA by Barb.
  • Photos taken by Barb match cat in home of new owner (Meghan Ingram).
  • Gilda appears on the Cats 101 episode featuring the TA.

  • Status: breeding at Meghan Ingram's.

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