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Azima's Purrfect Ellie Gantz of Bizans

Ellie Gantz at 6 months at Barb's apartment in New York.
Photo by Barb Azan, 03/24/2002.

Ellie Gantz, born on THE 9/11, was a heart cat of Barb's. Cats from the past might have held that position, but toward the end of her life, it was Ellie Gantz who was Barb's constant and favorite companion. Elegant was always the first adjective Barb used to describe our breed. Barb seemed proud of her own cleverness at having thought of the name. I don't recall Barb's having called her just Ellie; it was always Ellie Gantz or Miss Gantz.

When she met Barb, Sue had just lost her beloved odd-eyed white Turkish Angora she had purchased from Debbi Dudley, of Duman cattery, 18 years before. Barb schooled Sue on the modern look the TAs had evolved into over the years. Barb used Ellie Gantz to show Sue the wedge head, open eyes, long, lithe body, plume tail, and big, erect ears that she had helped to define and hone in her bloodline.

Barb usually prepared fairly large dinners for herself because she would always share them with Ellie Gantz. It was evident that both the other cats and Ellie Gantz herself were aware of her elevated status in the house because she seemed to lord it over them and they always submitted to her.

Sue's Note: Miss Gantz had a key role in how I came to be taking care of Barb's cats (and eventually all of her personal affairs), and you can read it at the link to How We Got Involved below. Readers may rest assured that Miss Gantz is cherished as the Grande Dame she is in Sue and Ken's house and that she will be for the rest of her life. She's like having a little bit of Barb in our home, and we treasure her for that. (She's sitting tall and purring on the arm of my sofa next to my left hand as I type this. She knows.)

Ellie Gantz in Barb's house in Pennsylvania. Photo by Barb Azan, 09/06/2003.

Documentation: Many labeled photos and videos, veterinary records that Sue is familiar with, a CFA registration, uncounted pedigrees and litter and cat registrations in which she is named as a dam, as well as line items on Barb's cattery report. Many frequent visitors of Barb's over the years know and recognize Ellie Gantz, who responds to her own name, all adding up to slam-dunk identification of Ellie Gantz as Herself. Perhaps readers will just have to take our word for it. If challenged, how would you prove the identity of each of your cats?

Ellie Gantz. Photo by Barb Azan, 06/30/2004.

Ellie Gantz Identification Checklist:

  • People who knew this cat: Angela Manookian, Sue Howland, Kit Goodwin, Karen Delmont, Chris Thomas, Robert Barrett and Barbara Baird.
  • Pedigree on Cat Genius in Barb's computer.
  • Registered with CFA by Barb on 12/21/01 and on cattery reports.
  • Photos and videos taken by Barb.
  • Photos and videos taken by Kit, Chris, and Sue, during visits.
  • Veterinary records.
  • Ms. Gantz appears on the Cats 101 episode featuring the TA.

  • Ellie Gantz. Photos above and below by Sue Howland, winter 2009.

    Status: spayed while at Barb's; cherished cat at Sue's.

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