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Frequently Asked Questions

Barb Azan passed away in November, 2008. Shortly after she left us, some rumors started when a small handful of Turkish Angora breeders began to criticize Sue and Kit for our actions on her behalf. In the writing of this site, we wanted to start you out with a good picture of how the rumors started. It seems the best way to do this is to give you a list of the QUESTIONS that people asked us, the ANSWERS they were given, and the thought process used by our detractors to arrive at their conclusion that we had falsified the registrations of cats coming from Barbara Azan's estate.

We will start with a list of the questions these people asked in order to evaluate our actions:




Well, yes ... that's the point: NO questions were asked - no facts were sought - no investigation made -- and any information we tried to share was ignored, misinterpreted and misquoted, or simply declared false, and their own version of what we did with Barb's cats was circulated as far away as Europe!

So let's proceed to the skewed logic used to reach their conclusions! Please click the informative You-tube video below!

Now that you have had a good laugh with us, please click on any link in the table below, to begin your understanding of the extreme caution we took and the hard work we did to properly and correctly identify each cat coming from Barbara Azan's legacy to us all. That is exactly what Kit meant in an e-mail sent over a year ago to several detractors - when she said that we were "working out" the identity of the cats. Of course, they misrepresented Kit's words when they received this message!

It was, indeed, a lot of hard work matching the cats correctly using the extensive records Barbara left on her computer for that purpose, and not for a moment did Kit or Sue even consider guessing at identities or falsifying documentation as we were accused of doing!

We hope you will examine the pages, explanations about each cat and their supporting documentation and realize the truth - that Barbara clearly identified each and every cat, and Sue and Kit merely followed her very clear instructions!

Click on a link below, to see the details:

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