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Azima's Flash Dancer

Photo of Azima's Flash Dancer taken at Barb's house on 7-6-08.

At the time of Barb's death, there were seven kittens remaining in her home - and fortunately, each one was a different combination of color, eye color, sex, and pattern! Here they are in a list:

Kittens in Barb's House when she died:

  • Azima Camille - Cameo Tabby
  • Azima Purrfect Wonder - Silver Patched Tabby
  • Azima Classy Lady - Brown Patched Tabby
  • Azima Crystal Legacy - Odd-eyed White
  • Azima Flash Dancer - Tortie Smoke
  • Azima Purrfect Posy - Blue-eyed White
  • Azima Jingle - Black Smoke

  • As you can imagine, it was not hard to tell these kittens apart! But we went one step further and checked Barb's sales contracts, breeding log, and customer list to make sure she had not sold another kitten of the same color and sex before our arrival on the scene. In the case of Azima Flash Dancer, photographic evidence was particularly easy to follow, due to the red "lightning bolt" over her right eye.

    Azima Flash Dancer (far right) with her mother and littermates, photo by Barb Azan, 6/22/08.

    Again, once we had access to Barb's computer, we found a pedigree for "three Azima girls" born on May 26. We also found the corresponding entry in Barb's breeding log, showing Patsy Katz as the sire of two classic tabby girls (see Purrfect Wonder and Camille's pages) and a tortie smoke. Photographic evidence was in Barb's computer for Flash was rampant, as mentioned above.

    Photo of Azima Flash Dancer, photo by Barb Azan, 10/8/08.

    To put the finishing touch on this information, we found that Barb had registered with CFA a litter born 5/26/08, processed on 8/27/08.

    Azima Flash Dancer, photo by Sue Howland in her home, 12/21/08.

    Azima Flash Dancer Identification Checklist:

  • People who knew this cat: Angela Manookian, Sue Howland, Kit Goodwin (partial knowledge).
  • Listing in Barb's breeding log.
  • Litter registration prepared by Barb, processed by CFA on 8/27/08.
  • Pedigree on Cat Genius in Barb's computer.
  • Photos taken by Barb, Kit, and Sue match the cat.
  • Azima Flash Dancer appears on the Cats 101 episode featuring the TA.

  • Status: whole, soon to be spayed.

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