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Don't Go...I Need You
It had been nearly six years ago when Serena left Japan for a new life without the pain and disappointment that always followed her. But now, her time has ran out, for, a new threat has appeared, and if she doesn't return to Japan soon, the legendary Sailor Scouts that saved the world numerous times before could be wiped off the face of this earth...

Part One: Say Goodbye
Part Two: Starting a New Life
Part Three: Scattered Thoughts
Part Four: All Things Happen for a Reason

Eternal Love...For You
The Moon Princess's heart was broken once before, by a man she thought had loved her. She had promised then, that she will let no more man into her heart. That is, until the day they met once again. Now, it is no longer a question of whether he loved her or not; it is a question of whether she could survive without him.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

Moon Star Double Love
It had been more than ten thousand years ago, before even the Silver Millenium, when the most powerful object in the entire universe was separated into four parts. The object was so powerful that it not only could destroy our galaxy, but the entire universe as well. It was because of this that the object was separated into the four different parts. No one knew of its existance...until now that is. Someone is after the four items that will make the Silver Eternal Rose, and it's up to the legendary Sailor Scouts to stop them. But is it enough?

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four

Secret Files of Serena Tsukino
A series of story about the best detective agent in Tokyo Detective Agency, Serena Tsukino, and her kickass partner, Darien Chiba. And don't forget, where ever Serena goes, trouble is BOUND to follow!

File #1: Tokyo Murder

Introducing the most successful and the best detective agent in the would famous Tokyo Detective Agency, Serena Tsukino! Join Serena and her new partner, Darien Chiba, as they crack a serial murder case - and keep their stomaches full at the same time!

The Worst Day Series
Ever wondered what would the Scout's worst day would be like?

The Worst Day - Usagi
The Worst Day - Ami
The Worst Day - Makoto

Together for Eternity
What if the darkness never came back?
What if they grew up as normal girls?
What if...
What if the Sailor Scouts never existed?
Will their friendship still last?
Will their destiny still be full-filled?
Will they still be...
Together For Eternity?

Chapter One: Reunion

Within a Circle of Love
A series of short stories, focused on the Sailor Senshis, their love for the Earth Generals, and the Generals' broken promises...

Venus no Ai: Love of Venus
Jupiter no Arashi: Storm of Jupiter

Stars of the Midnight Sky
It had only been a month since the destruction of Sailor Galaxia, yet a new terror had already begun. Can the Scouts and the three Starlights stop the darkness? Or will it spell the end for our favorite heroines?

Chapter One: The Outer Stars

A story of love and hate, and a young woman who made a wrong choice somewhere down the long road that is life.


For Eternity...And More
A story of love, hope, and a bond that will never be broken...

For Eternity...And More

Crystalline Tears
Happiness lost and happiness regained, a tale of a girl and her struggle through the darkness toward the light.

Crystalline Tears

In A Different Dimension
An unfortunate accident caused the Sailor Senshi to be dropped in a different dimension than their own. Filled with fear (yeah right), they must journey across this new world in search of a way back home.

Meanwhile, Sailor Pluto had sent Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune to retrieve the Inner Sailor Senshi. Now if only they could actually FIND the dimension the five went to...

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three

Super Short One-Shots
Super short stories that have nearly no plot in it. Most are written when I first started writing, so don't expect some miracle work here.

I Will Always Love You
A Gift That Meant Goodbye
It's Not A Dream
The Song of Love

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