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Welcome, visitors, welcome to Hateshinai Ai, the shrine of
Endless Love. Please allow me the honor of hosting this visit.
Who am I, you ask? I am but a humble Priestess who takes care of
this shrine, Honored Visitors. I had been named by many people,
and by those people, I had many names; Ryuuzaki Kei, the Lady of
Destiny, sometimes even the Goddess of Darkness or the Lady of
Death. Silver Star was simply one of those many names.

You may call me any name you want, but please do not ask for
my real name. I assure you, you would not need to know, nor
would you want to know.

Now, Honored Visitors, would be a wise time to choose your
destinations. Please look below and choose now.

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Prayer-givers has been to this
shrine since November 4, 2000.

Last update: 11/5/00 Sunday

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Silver Star