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This slang databace contains most of the popular slang expressions, learning the following parts, and the dialogue would help the learners master slang expressions easily.



The following popular American slang expressions are used by most of the American people's daily speaking.

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Part 1
an apple-head : 缺心眼的人,笨蛋
Part 2
It's a short step from lip service to ass-kissing. 少拍马屁。
Part 3
be aces : 头等的,最杰出的
Part 4
do a bang up : 干得很棒
Part 5
beat around the bush: 说话拐弯抹角
Part 6
     bend someone’s ear: 对某人喋喋不休
Part 7
big noise : 重要的新闻
Part 8
blessed out : 得意洋洋的,欣喜若狂的
Part 9
break someone’s chops: 责骂某人;给某人找麻烦
Part 10
button one’s lip : 闭嘴不言语
Part 11
call the shots : 负责,说了算
Part 12
     chew the fat: 闲聊
Part 13
coffee and cakes: 微薄的收入
Part 14
some apart at the seams : 情绪失控,失态
Part 15
crack down on… : 严惩……
Part 16
a date mate :作伴的人
Part 17
dig dirt about : 讲某人的坏话
Part 18
dog days : 三伏天
Part 19
     drift off track : 越轨;不守本分
Part 20
an easy digging : 轻而易举
Part 21
     fashion plate :穿着很讲究的人,衣冠楚楚的人
Part 22
flip-flop :(观点,态度)大转弯
Part 23
     get a kick out of… : 从……得到乐趣
Part 24
get the hang of… : 掌握干某事的诀窍
Part 25
God’s medicine : 毒品
Part 26
go the extra mile : 格外努力
Part 27
     grunt work: 繁重、乏味的劳动
Part 28
hang in there : 不打退堂鼓;坚忍不拔
Part 29
have a bone to pick with someone : 对某人有
Part 30
have some buttons missing: 精神失常
Part 31
hit the panic button : 惊慌失措
Part 32
I’ll drink to that. 这个我同意。
Part 33
     be in the wrong : 错误的,有错的
Part 34
a lame duck : 不能继续任职的人,没有前途的人
Part 35
make one’s blood boil : 激怒某人;使人生气
Part 36
on the hot seat : 心神不定;难受
Part 37
play dirty: 使用不道德非法手段;藏奸耍滑;诈骗
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