Part 9


1.     blessed out 得意洋洋的,欣喜若狂的

2.     blitzed out 喝得东倒西歪

3.     blow by blow 一五一十地(说出某事)

4.     blow smoke 吹嘘

5.     blow the whistle on… 告发……,揭发某事

6.     blue chipper 出类拔萃

7.     be in a blue funk 闷闷不乐

8.     bounce something around 讨论讨论谋事

9.     brain drain 人才外流 

10. brain wave 突然想到好主意 



1.       lead a double life 有婚外恋

2.       fool around 鬼混

3.       nothing ring a bell 没发现什么可疑之处

4.       be in the dark 被蒙在鼓里

5.       the cat is out of the bag 真相大白,秘密被泄露

6.       bump into… 撞上

7.       be bits and pieces 心烦意乱

8.       unfortunate women 不幸的女人们

9.       be at the mercy of… 受……所支配

10.   give up hope 绝望

11.   put someone in the picture… 使某人理解(了解)……

12.   be the victim of………的受害者

13.   handle… with kid gloves 谨慎对待……

14.   put out a feeler 试探某人的反应

15.   You’re taken the words out of my mouth. 你说出了我想说的话

16.   a fool for women 色鬼

17.   born losers 废物

18.   feel sorry for… 为……感到遗憾

19.   God’s will 上帝的意志

20.   you bet 你放心

21.   be at loggerheads with… 与……顶牛

22.   spare some time 抽空

23.   be a hot potato 棘手的事

24.   have one’s fingers burnt 因管闲事而自讨苦吃

25.   take the plunge 断然行动

26.   come up with… 想出……

27.   have a hunch that… 预感到……

28.   good intention 好心

29.   a sensible woman 通情达理的女人

30.   work out… 想出,制订出……

31.   call for… 喊着要某人来

32.   the issue of… ……的问题

33.   drift into… 流入……

34.   have something to do with… 与………有关

35.   where the shoe pinches 问题所在

36.   a dandy idea 很好的主意

37.   give someone a buzz 给某人挂个电话

38.   pick someone’s brains 向某人请教

39.   be good at… 擅长……

40.   change the gear 改变谈话的口气或话题

41.   carry on… 继续……

42.   keep silent 保持沉没

43.   a lull 谈话场合中出现的沉寂


Dialogue for Practice

A=Sue            B=Tom    

A: Sandra seems to live a blessed-out(得意洋洋) life with Jack.

B: Maybe she doesn’t know what Jack has been doing behind her back.

A: Is he doing something bad behind her?

B: He is leading a double life(婚外恋). He has actually been fooling around(鬼混).

A: Nothing rings a bell(没发现可以之处)to her. She is still in the dark(蒙在鼓里).

B: She will not feel blessed-out when the cat is out of the bag(真相大白).

A: I bumped into(撞上)Sandra last night at a club. She was alone. She was obviously blitzed out.

B: She must have known something Jack has done.

A: I don’t know. But she must have been bits and pieces(心烦意乱).

B: She is one of those unfortunate women(不幸的女人).

A: A woman like her has to be at the mercy of her fate(受自己的命运支配).

B: But she should not give up hope(绝望). I might go up to her and put her in the picture(使她了解清楚)of the situation.

A: You want to tell her the truth about her husband blow by blow(一五一十地说)?

B: Anyway I don’t want her to be the victim(……的受害者)of such an unfaithful man.

A: I know you’re going to blow the whistle on(揭发)Jack. But you will have to handle the situation  with kid gloves(谨慎对待).

B: I know how to put her in the picture about what is going on.

A: But do you think Sandra could endure(忍受)it if you let the cat out of the bag(真相大白)?

B: It’s certainly too much for her to bear, but I’ll put out a feeler(试探反应)before I move on.

A: You’ve taken the words out of my mouth(你说出了我想说出的话). Sandra is actually a blue chipper. I don’t think she could realize that she has married a fool for women(色鬼).

B: This is fate. Many blue chippers(出类拔萃的人) married themselves off to born losers(废物), too.

A: I feel sorry for(感到遗憾)Sandra. I don’t know why good women do not get their due.

B: Maybe this is God’s will(上帝的意志). Good people live a shorter life, too. But do you know the reason why Sandra is still in a blue funk?

A: I don’t know. But you bet(你放心)she’s at loggerheads(顶牛)with Jack.

B: Shall we spare some time(抽空)and go to see her one of these days? We need to help her out of the situation.

A: I know what you mean. But that might be a hot potato(棘手的事物).

B: I don’t care if I have my fingers burnt(因管闲事而自讨苦吃). I must help her.

A: Let’s bounce the matter around before we take the plunge(断然行动).

B: I agree. Maybe we can come up with(制订出)some better idea.

A: I have a hunch(预感到)that Sandra may suspect our good intention.

B: She’s not that thankless person. She is a sensible woman.

A: But we still need to be careful about what we are going to tell her.

B: Of course. We must work out(制订出)a proper way to blow the whistle.


A: I wanted to go to see her yesterday and put out a feeler before we go together, but I was called for(被叫去)a meeting.

B: A very important meeting?

A: Yeah. We were discussing the issue of(……的问题)brain drain. Some of the company’s talents have been drifting into(流入)other companies.

B: That has something to do with(与……有关)your management, I’m afraid.

A: That’s exactly where the shoe pinches(问题的所在).

A: Listen, Tom. I have brain wave.

B: I know you could come up with a dandy idea(很好的主意). What is it?

A: Let’s give her a buzz(挂个电话)and ask her to come to our place.

B: What if she comes? How shall we start our talk?

A: I will pick her brains(请教)for something she is good at(擅长), then we may change the gear(改变话题)and let her  know what is going on.

B: What if she refuses to carry on(继续)the talk? She may keep silent(保持沉没)or refuse to listen when you start the real topic.

A: You bet I can break the ice(打破僵局). I know what she likes to hear.

B: Can you let me know what you will do to break the ice?

A: No, I will give you a surprise by what I do.

B: Don’t boast. You may depend on(取决于)me where there is a lull(沉寂)in the talk.


The End of Part 9

To be continue...............................