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Part 31


1.     hit the panic button 惊慌失措

2.     hit the road 动身

3.     hog heaven 乐园,天堂

4.     hoke up 七拼八凑

5.     hold one’s horses 别着急,沉住气

6.     hold the bag 独自承担损失或后果

7.     holy terror 捣蛋鬼,胡闹的人

8.     holler 告密

9.     hook it 匆忙离开

10. a hoot 饶有趣的事,乐事

11. horse around 瞎胡闹;自由散漫

12. hot potato 棘手的问题

13. get the under for someone 迷恋某人

14. be hot under the collar 发怒

15. be iffy 不肯定



1.      play it cool 冷静

2.      take to one’s heels 逃跑

3.      have a hunch that… 预感到……

4.      blow something 把某事搞砸

5.      have butterflies in one’s stomach 心里忐忑不安

6.      act on impulse 凭一时的冲动

7.      try one’s luck 碰碰运气

8.      break into… 强行进入……

9.      a fat cat 富翁,很有钱的人

10.  a man with a history 有前科的人,有犯罪历史的人

11.  hit the panic button 惊慌失措

12.  feel guilty 感到内疚

13.  go Scot-free 逃之夭夭

14.  tell on someone 告发某人

15.  be high on… 沉醉于……

16.  be on the off chance 抱着试试看的态度

17.  not put one’s finger on… 想不出……

18.  not hold water 没有根据,站不住脚

19.  What is done cannot be undone . 覆水难收

20.  bail someone out 把某人解救出来

21.  see which way the cat jumps 看看情况再说

22.  get sick of… 厌烦……

23.  mend one’s steps 改邪归正

24.  a rude wakening 如梦初醒

25.  off the beams 走邪路

26.  a black sheep 败家子

27.  give up hope on… 对……失去信心

28.  turn over a new leaf 重新做人

29.  let someone down 让某人失望

30.  fly into a rage 大发雷霆

31.  yell at… 冲着……大喊大叫

32.  come down on someone like a ton of bricks 严厉训斥某人

33.  throw off one’s gloves at… 对某人不依不饶

34.  have someone’s number 知道某人的底细

35.  get cross with… 生某人的气

36.  make one’s mouth water 使某人垂涎欲滴

37.  a knock-out 特别漂亮的女子

38.  Beauty is only skin deep. 不能以貌取人。

39.  No news is good news. 没有消息就是好消息

40.  be at the end of one’s tether 无计可施


Dialogue For Practice

A=Joe                   B=Don      

A: Tell me your feelings when you heard the police car coming.

B: We all hit the panic button. Only played it cool(冷静). But he took to his heels(逃跑).

A: When did you start on your ‘project’?

B: About eight o’clock. We didn’t expect the cops(警察)to come so soon.

A: Did you have a hunch that(预感到)you would blow(搞砸)the ‘project’ before hitting the road?

B: I was only a bit scared, sort of having some butterflies in the stomach(心里忐忑不安).

A: Did you have a plan? I mean, did you work out some procedures to carry out your plan?

B: Actually not. We acted on impulse(凭一时的冲动). We just wanted to try our luck(碰碰运气).

A: What did you aim at? Didn’t you know that breaking into(破门而入)a house involves a lot of risk? Besides, the owner of the house has never done anything wrong to you. He even doesn’t know who you are. Why should you…?

B: We only know that the owner is a fat cat(富翁). We thought we could build our own tower of happiness by robbing his hog heaven.

A: How many had your gang? Have you been together in doing the same sort of things?

B: No. We hoked up(七拼八凑) s   ome tools and had a brief talk before we started on the house. One of us knew the owner and the family were out on a trip(出去旅游).

A: Was it the first time you had done it? I’m sure most of you are men with a history(有前科的人).

B: I actually hit the panic button(慌得不得了), but Jack asked me to hold my horses. I was even trembling though I was keeping watching.

A: Do you feel guilty(感到内疚)for what you have done?

B: More than that. I swear I would never do this sort of things again.

A: How was left holding the bag? Some of you can ran away and went Scot-free(逃之夭夭). Is that right?

B: Bob and Jack were caught. I’m still worried about them.

A: You’re worried that they will tell on(告发)all the rest?

B: I don’t think they will. I’m worried about the punishment they might get.

A: I think you are all holy terrors. Why should you be high(沉醉于)on things against the law? Don’t you know that’s a crime?

B: I know it’s against the law(违法), but we were not so serious, a sort of getting a kick on the off chance(抱着试试看的态度).

A: I have a hunch that(预感到)there must be someone who had hollered on your action. Otherwise, how could the police know?

B: I’ve been thinking about that, too. But I can’t put my finger on (想不出)the one who had done it.

A: What do your peer(同伙)think about that? Do they have the same hunch?

B: Frank made a guess, but soon he thought the guess does not hold water(没有根据,站不住脚).

A: And who first took to his heels(逃跑)? How did he know that the police were coming?

B: Tom did, and he pushed me to take it. Then those that were keeping watching outside the house followed him.

A: Was he inside the house or with you?

B: He was with me. And I was the second to run away.

A: That was a hoot, but you shouldn’t have left the two holding the bag.

B: No. We all feel guilty. But what is done cannot be undone(覆水难收).

A: Are you going to bail them out(解救出来)?

B: Yes. But we are just waiting to hear the result. I’ll see which way the cat jumps(看看情况再说).

A: I really get sick of(厌烦)you young people who are horsing around and doing sinful things. It’s high time you mended your steps(改邪归正).

B: I’m now having a rude wakening(如梦初醒). I suddenly realized that I was wrong.

A: Don’t go off the beams(不要走邪路)again. You will beak your Mum’s heart.

B: I’ve already broken her heart. She often says to my Dad that I am just like a hot potato. My father says that I am a black sheep (败家子), too. They almost gave up hope on(对我失去了信心)me.

A: Turn over a new leaf(重新做人)and he be a good man. They will be glad of your change. You can’t let them down(让他们失望), can you?

B: Of course not. I am thinking of having a good talk with them and telling them what I am thinking. I’m sure they will forgive me.

A: Did your father ever fly into a rage(大发雷霆)at you? He must have yelled at(大喊大叫)you many times.

B: Several times. I can still remember his coming down on me like a ton of bricks(严厉训斥)when I told him that I got the hots for a girl in his company. He was about to give me a punch(狠打一拳)when my Mum stopped him.

A: Why did he throw off his gloves(不依不饶)at you? Was it because you were falling in love with a girl?

B: Half yes, half no. He didn’t like me to have anything to do with that girl. Maybe he got her number(知道她的底细).

A: He was not without reasons to get cross with(生气)you. If I were he, I would be hot under the collar(发怒), too.

B: He should have told me something about the girl. But her good looks indeed made my mouth water(使我垂涎欲滴). She’s a knock-out(特别漂亮的女子), you know?

A: Beauty is only skin deep(不能以貌取人). You can’t judge a person only by her looks. Have you any news from the police about your two peers?

B: No news is good news(没有消息就是好消息). They are still being questioned.

A: Do you think they can let them go Scot-free(放了他们)?

B: A bit iffy (不大肯定). From the time they are in, some unfortunate things might come up.

A: What if they are to tell on you? You will have to think about that.

B: If they have done, I’ll be at the end of my tether(无计可施). Thank God that they won’t.


The End of Part 31  

To be continue…………………………………………………………………